Blog_PrismJET_VJ24_intro_header_fadeIn case you hadn't heard, there's a new member of the PrismJET family. We've recently added the PrismJET VJ24 eco-solvent printer. We already offer a wide range of PrismJET and ValueJet printers from 24" to 104" widths. So why did we add a 24 inch printer? You might say, it's a Goldilocks product. We have the PrismJET DTx desktop printer for those who want an outdoor printer that's very small, portable and affordable. We have our 48" VJ48 Plus for those who want the best value in large format sign production. But we didn't have anything in between. There wasn't an option for those who needed something a little bigger than the PrismJET DTx but not as large or expensive as a VJ48Plus; until now. For lots of aspiring sign makers or established- but crowded- sign shops, the new PrismJET VJ24 is just right. Is it just right for you? Let's find out.


What makes the PrismJET VJ24 such a good fit for these customers? First, a little summary. The PrismJET VJ24 is another product manufactured by MUTOH and offered to the American sign market exclusively through SignWarehouse. It's available in other market as the ValueJet 628. It's an eco-solvent printer with the same advanced micropiezo variable dot print head found in larger MUTOH ValueJet printers. And it uses the same Intelligent Interweave "wave print" firmware that revolutionized large format printing a few years ago. The main difference is the size. The VJ24 is so named because it has a maximum print width of 24", exactly half that of our best-selling VJ48Plus model. As noted above, this makes it ideal for sign makers with shops full of equipment who want to expand into printing without having to knock down a wall. So what can you do with a 24" printer? Plenty. There are lots of small format sign, shirt, and decal applications that are in Goldilocks' wheelhouse. It's an excellent choice for printing T-shirt transfers and yard signs. And custom decals for dirt bikes and go karts. And cool custom vehicle graphics for car clubs. And window signs and P.O.P. signage for retailers. And 'fathead' style wall decals for just about everybody. And lots more. And since it's so small and lightweight, you can use it in your shop or on the road. You can set one up at the racetrack or state fair and sell decals hot off the printer.

Distinctive Features & Benefits

I'll tell you a little secret. Less than two weeks after the first shipment arrived, we had to order more because so many had already been sold. Why are people snapping up these printers? Here's a short list of its impressive feature set. Space Efficiency: The main benefit for many customers is the compact size. The VJ24 can be used as a desktop printer or with the optional floor stand. If you have 2 by four feet of open floor or table space, you have room for a VJ24. If you opt for the floor stand, you can still use the printer as a desktop model. Just pick it up and carry it away. Large Format Productivity: Usually smaller printers are slower printers. Not in this case. The PrismJET VJ24 comes outfitted with the same print mode package as a MUTOH ValueJet 1324. That means you can use it for high quality, high resolution prints at around 150 square feet/hour, or reduce the resolution to long distance viewing and crank out prints at over 400sf/hr. Even at 720 x 720dpi, the output is surprisingly fast. You won't be sacrificing productivity for space efficiency. Wonderful Wave Printing: The Intelligent Interweave firmware virtually eliminates 'banding' common to other piezo
Fig 1: The VJ24 offers the full benefit of MUTOH's I2 wave print firmware with eliminates banding. Fig 1: The VJ24 offers the full benefit of MUTOH's Intelligent Interweave 'wave' print firmware with eliminates banding.
printers by laying down ink in overlapping wave patterns instead of horizontal bands. The MUTOH print modes also make is easy to find the right balance of speed and quality. Tighter wave patterns produce higher resolution, but slower print speeds. Longer waves reduce resolution and speed up output. Most options offer a good balance of both. The wave printing produces high speed and high quality at the same time. Wave print firmware is also very forgiving. Like other ValueJet printers, the VJ24 is not as dependent on exact ICC profiles as other piezo printers on the market. You'll spend less time looking for profiles and more time delivering outstanding prints to happy customers. DUAL CMYK Ink Configuration: Like the PrismJET DTx, the VJ24 holds eight ink cartridges in a Dual CMYK setup that produces long print runs between refills. The combination of a micropiezo print head and a double helping of each color mean your initial ink starter kit lasts a long time. It's like a car with a super-sized gas tank. You'll make fewer stops to fill it up.
FIG 2: The bundled VSM application manages printer control functions like nozzle checks and cleaning. FIG 2: The bundled VSM application manages printer control functions like nozzle checks and cleaning.
Flexible Software Options: The PrismJET VJ24 is our most flexible printer in terms of graphic design options. It can be used with Flexi-Sign Pro, the sign industry's most popular design suite. If you prefer to design in CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or PhotoShop, you can import those files into Flexi's production manager and take advantage of Flexi's RIP printing and profiling features. Or you can design in CorelDRAW, Illustrator or PhotoShop and use Vinyl Express LXI Master Plus to support print and cut workflow. If you don't need to print and cut, you can even send your files directly from your favorite Corel or Adobe applications using the Windows sprint driver and bundled VSM application. This unprecedented versatility takes a lot of the constraints and costs out of digital printing. The bundled VSM software also includes basic setup and maintenance features like feed adjustments, nozzle checks, heater settings, and more (Fig 2). The windows driver includes a host of custom profiles for PrismJET media. You can even adjust the print modes and heater settings within the windows driver. Maybe Goldilocks isn't the right analogy. Maybe this is the Burger King® of printers because, when it comes to software, you can have it your way. Affordable: You'll find a comprehensive overview and complete list of features and specifications here. One of the most appealing features of the PrismJET VJ24 is the price. Hey, it's from SignWarehouse! We've been offering incredible value to the sign industry for over 30 years. If it has the PrismJET label, you know it's going to be both reliable and affordable.

Package options

How affordable is it? Very. Like all of our PrismJET and ValueJet printers, it can be paired with a contour-cutting plotter for simultaneous print and cut decal production. As we have demonstrated repeatedly, a print and cut system with two machines working together soundly outperforms integrated printer-cutters like the Roland BN20. In this case, you can get the benefits of printing and cutting for about the same price as a printer-cutter. We offer packages with our outstanding Vinyl Express Qe6000 24" or enduraCUT 3 vinyl cutters, for under $8,500.00. You can opt for a complete package with a printer, cutter, and 25" desktop laminator, all for less than $9,800.00. If you've been looking for a complete, high production sign printer package, but didn't want to invest $15,000 to 20,000, you've just landed in Goldilocks territory. If you need something larger, the PrismJET VJ48Plus is an unbeatable value. And if $8,500 is too much, or 24" is too wide, the PrismJET DTx may be your ideal entry point into outdoor printing. But if your needs are somewhere between 13" and 48", you may find that the newest member of the PrismJet family is just right for you too. PS: You can view the videos from our recent webinar on the PrismJET VJ24 below...