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Siser Glitter

Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl adds some amazing bling to the Siser heat transfer vinyl lineup. It is the easiest way to add glitter and shine to HTV creations. Siser Glitter HTV is available in over 50 eye-catching, vibrant colors, and is ideal because it contains maximum sparkle without shedding any hard to clean up glitter flakes! Bling out plain designs for maximum appeal with the best Glitter HTV on the market! Kids and adults of all ages love a bit of shimmer and bling in life and it's easily applied on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, all poly/cotton blends, and even leather. Also, rest easy knowing the Siser Glitter HTV is CPSIA Certified and completely safe to apply on kids' clothing. 

For more information on successfully layering Siser heat transfer vinyl, please read the information below:

Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl Layering Guide