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MUSE Vinyl Cutters

MUSE Vinyl Cutters

MUSE vinyl cutters are engineered for use in craft and hobby graphics, commercial sign production, custom auto applications, and more. MUSE cutters expand the envelope for stepper-driven cutters with quiet, precise operation and astonishing versatility.

We offer the MUSE in three models, 15-inch, 24-inch, and 60-inch. Cutting speed is in keeping with industry standards. Available cutting force is more than capable of handling all self-adhesive media used in the sign and graphics industry. The MUSE can also be used for scribe engraving and creasing with rigid and semi-rigid materials.

Each MUSE cutter comes with an automatic camera-based registration mark scanner for use with digital printers. The integration of the camera and touch-screen display enable real-time adjustment for precise, reliable contour-cutting.

For more in-depth information on the many advantages and possibilities of MUSE vinyl cutters read the blogs below. 

Use our Cutter Comparison Chart to compare Muse vinyl sign cutters by size, downforce and specifications so you make the right choice: Compare Cutters - Muse Vinyl Cutters & Muse M60 for Custom Automotive Applications