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Logical Color HTV - Heat Transfer Vinyl

Create amazing products and designs with Logical Color HTV, the heat transfer vinyl that outperforms itself again and again. This high-quality HTV offers amazing value with beautiful colors and finishes.

  • Logical Color WarmPeel Universal is so versatile and easily applies to almost any fabric. 
  • WarmPeel CP is the HTV with value that applies effortlessly to cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends; Available in over 40 popular colors. 
  • WarmPeel CP Stretch provides incredible stretch and rebound characteristics.
  • GlitterSOFT is a beautiful soft glitter HTV that is thinner and softer than most glitter HTVs
  • Logical Color Flock is a high-quality flock film with a beautiful velvety finish.  

Check out our informative blog "How to Apply Logical Color HTV in Layers" for flawless application every time. 

Logical Color HTV Layering Guide

    Layering Guide
    Logical Color

    Want to learn how to apply Logical Color HTV in layers?