Logical Color - Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Logical Color printable heat transfer vinyl allows the easy production of beautiful designs and graphics. It provides the flexibility of printing the design, and then applying it to the desired substrate. Logical Color printable HTV or heat transfer vinyl offers a variety of high-quality products to smoothly produce and design quality graphics with a personal touch. The Logical Color printable heat transfer vinyl options include:

  • Logical Color Universal Print - is a soft, 3.2 mil printable HTV that adheres to almost anything, and can easily be applied to cotton in just 3 seconds. It is compatible with cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, Nylon, leather, and similar fabrics.  
  • Logical Color WarmPEEL CP Print - is our most economical and most durable Logical Color printable heat transfer vinyl. This 4.8 mil printable HTV has a matte finish and is compatible with cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends. 
  • Logical Color CozySoft Print -  is our thinnest and softest Logical Color printable heat transfer vinyl.  This 2 mil ultrasoft printable HTV is very easy to apply, has a satin finish and works with cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, and poly/acrylic blends.  
  • Logical Color SubliDARK Print is a unique sublimation printable HTV designed to be used with standard sublimation printers for application on dark and blended fabrics, including cotton. 

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