We’ve produced lots of articles about different aspects of garment decoration. As the list grew, it became apparent to us that we needed a quick reference guide readers could use to sort through the articles and find the one they need most. And, we thought it would also be helpful to have them all in one place so you can read through all the related articles at your leisure to deepen your understanding of a particular field.

Since not everyone in garment decoration has the same needs or interests, the index is divided into three categories: general interest, heat transfer film, and T-shirt printing. We hope this makes it easy for you to quickly find what you need. 

This is a dynamic resource. The index is continually updated and now includes articles about the new Sublime DS170 desktop sublimation systems, SilverBolt heat presses, and the newest IColor laser transfer printers. You might want to bookmark this one and refer to it whenever you have a garment decoration question.

General and Miscellaneous Articles. These articles focus on general topics such as the different kinds of garment decoration methods, heat presses, and rhinestone decoration. These will also include specific tips that may apply to different decoration methods, like cost control and pricing.

Heat Transfer Film: Everything you ever wanted to know about T-shirt Vinyl but were afraid to ask.

T-Shirt Printing: These articles focus on various methods of printing transfers or appliqués for garment decoration. These include dye-sublimation, laser transfer, heat-applied inkjet printable films and papers for desktop inkjet and solvent, or eco-solvent inkjet printers.

As indicated in the introduction, this index is not static. It will be updated -and perhaps reorganized again - as we add more garment decoration content. In the process of compiling or updating this index, we may have overlooked something.