If you’re in the business of customizing apparel with HTV or heat transfer film, you’ve probably realized that your productivity depends a lot on your choice of vinyl. Some films are harder to weed than others, some take more time to press. Weeding and waiting take time and, as the old adage goes, time is money. The less time you spend weeding film and waiting for the heat press cycle to finish, the more shirts you decorate and the more money you make. That’s why our Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal is such a hit with decorators. It’s a high-tech film designed for busy shops like yours. Designed to save you time and money. And it reduces inventory headaches because it can be applied to just any fabric. In short, it’s a game-changer.

Zero to Fabulous in Three Seconds

ABC, one two three, custom tees for more money! That's not quite how the classic Jackson Five song goes, but if it were written today, by an inspired WarmPEEL Universal customer, that's how it would go. It might be a huge hit too, just like our awesome HTV. Nothing is faster or easier than creating a cool, custom tee shirt with Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal. It can be applied to cotton in just three seconds. And, since we all know time is money, a 3-second press time is money in the bank. WarmPeel Universal's amazing speed is just one benefit of it's advanced engineering. The technology behind this product includes a unique, hot-melt adhesive that activates in as little as 3 seconds. That's great for busy, high-volume shirt shops. The self-adhesive liner is another technological advancement. It can be peeled warm and supports application at a wide range of temperatures, so it can be used on all kinds of fabrics from cotton to Nylon. Hence the name WarmPeel Universal. WarmPeel Universal's speed doesn't come at the expense of quality. It has a thin, 95 micron (3.8 mil) polyurethane face film that produces appliqués with a very soft hand. And, as the name declares, it's not only really fast and really soft. It's also an extremely flexible flex film.

What Does Universal T-shirt Vinyl Mean?

One heat transfer film for all your heat transfer applications
So what does Universal mean exactly? Can you put it on your Pomeranian? Sorry, no. WarmPeel Universal can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, Leather, Lycra, acrylic, Nylon, blended synthetic performance apparel and more. It's the most versatile heat transfer film on the market. That's great for both analytical and creative types. Your left brain will love the fact that you no longer have to stock two kinds of heat transfer film. Your Right brain will enjoy the creative freedom that comes from being able to decorate just about anything. The WarmPeel aspect of it is great for the bottom line. You can apply this film on cotton in just three seconds, peel the liner and move on to the next shirt. Not everything can be decorated in three seconds. The hot-melt adhesive and liner technology allow you to adjust the time and temperature settings to fit different fabrics. For complete application instructions, please refer to the Applications tab at the bottom of the product page on our website.

Cutting and Application Instructions

WarmPEEL Universal is a flexible flex film. It's easy to use, but the instructions may vary depending on what kind of fabric you're decorating. One thing that's constant is the cutting instructions. Always load the film glossy side down. This is a thin film so you can cut it with a standard 45° blade. Start with about 70 grams of force, cut a test pattern and adjust accordingly. If you're using a Vinyl Express Qe or Q Series or a Graphtec cutter, start with the force set at 13. Cut a reverse or mirror image of the intended design. So how about those time and temperature settings?
  • For application on cotton, you can set your heat press to 320° F (160°C) with medium-firm pressure and press it in only 3 seconds. Peel warm (wait three to five seconds).
  • For cotton/polyester blends, use medium pressure and press for 4 seconds at 300°F (149°C). Peel warm. Or, if you prefer, 5 seconds at 265° F (130°C) for heat-sensitive or sublimated garments.
  • For Polyester and acrylic, use light pressure and press for 5 seconds at 300°F (149°C). Peel warm.
  • For Nylon, pre-press the area for 5 seconds. Then press your transfer with light pressure for 5 seconds at 302°F (150°C). Peel warm. Cover the transfer with a Teflon sheet or silicone Kraft paper and re-press for 10 seconds.
  • If you'd like to see how it's done, click here for a helpful How-to Video that shows you the process from start to finish. Cutting force recommendations and trouble-shooting tips are included.

Colors, Sizes, Price

WarmPeel Universal comes in 24 popular colors including silver and gold metallic and three hot-selling neon hues. We offer it in both 20 and 12 inch widths so it's perfectly sized for both professional garment decorators and craft and hobby users. Because Logical Color is a SIGNWarehouse brand, value is part of the formula. Prices start at only $6.49 for 12" x 3 foot rolls. 20" by 30 foot rolls are priced under $85.00. Start here to shop all sizes and colors. So if you're ready to give your productivity a boost, this is your lucky day. If you're ready to take your shirts from zero to fabulous in three seconds, try a roll or three of WarmPEEL Universal. It's money in the bank.