Logical Color GlitterSOFT T-shirt vinyl

In our Introduction to Logical Color WarmPeel Universal heat transfer film, we also mentioned Logical color GlitterSOFT. You may have wondered what GlitterSOFT is. Part of the logical aspect of Logical Color is in the names of the products. So GlitterSOFT is just that. It's a new kind of glitter t-shirt vinyl that's softer than many other glitter-flake films, but just as dazzling. So it looks just as good but feels better on apparel. GlitterSOFT offers the best of both worlds. You get the maximum bling effect of dazzling glitter-flake film with a softer hand, so the decorated garments are more comfortable to wear. It also makes life easier for you the decorator because the film's unique properties make it easier to cut, weed, and apply.

All About Glitter and GlitterSOFT

For those new to garment decoration, perhaps a step backward is in order. When we say "glitter" here, we're referring to the dazzling, saturated metal flake heat transfer films that have been so popular for the past few years. Their popularity is in largely due to the phenomenal response from our own EnduraTex Glitter film which was introduced in 2012. Customers love how the metal flake in the face film catches light and dazzles the eye. Decorators don't necessarily like how difficult glitter t-shirt vinyls can be to weed. And in some applications like children's wear, end users don't necessarily like how it feels. And because of the heavy metal flake concentration, it can be somewhat brittle, so it must be weeded more carefully. There are other films like Chemica Galaxy and Metallic that offer some metallic accents in a thinner, softer hand, but they don't have as much metal flake, so they don't really delight the eye in the same way. Logical Color GlitterSOFT is the first true glitter film that offers some of the same stretch and softness characteristics of our other T-shirt vinyls.

GlitterSOFT Advantages and Applications

Fig 1: GlitterSOFT is easier to weed. 

How is GlitterSOFT better and what can you do with it?

GlitterSOFT Advantages: Because of its advanced liner technology, GlitterSOFT is thinner and softer than traditional glitter flake heat transfer vinyls. That makes it not only tangibly softer when applied to apparel. It's also easier to cut and easier to weed. GlitterSOFT is also less likely to tear during weeding or during removal of the release liner. So busy decorators can use it with confidence.

GlitterSOFT Applications: Common applications for glitter t-shirt vinyl include custom apparel, graphic tees, logos and appliqués for cheer and spirit wear. GlitterSOFT is also great for applications where softness or flexibility is important. These include sports bras, yoga pants, fitness apparel, and baby clothes.

Types of Fabrics

Logical Color GlitterSOFT is suitable for use on cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, acrylic and similar fabric.

Cutter & Application Instructions

It can be cut with a 45° or 60° plotter blade. With a 60° blade, we recommend you set your Qe or Q Series cutter force to 16. If you're using and EnduraCUT 2 or 3, start at 110 grams of force. Perform a test cut and adjust as needed. Make sure you load the film glossy side down. Cut a mirror image, weed away the excess and apply it using a heat press. Set your heat press for 320°F (160°C) and apply with medium pressure for 15 seconds. Peel warm or cold If you’d like to see how it’s done, click here for a helpful How-to Video that shows you the process from start to finish. Cutting force recommendations and trouble-shooting tips are included.

Available Sizes

GlitterSOFT is currently available in 20" by 3, 15, and 30-foot rolls. So if you want to create big, blingy graphics, we've got you covered. Prices start at just $12.17 for 3-foot rolls. There are 24 popular colors in stock including four Neon colors and a breathtaking MultiColor silver. You'll find them all here. GlitterSOFT is the other new offering in the Logical Color product line. It offers garment decorators and their customers the best of both worlds. Your eyes will enjoy the dazzling glitter-flake effect and vibrant colors. Your hands will appreciate the fact that its unique liner technology makes it softer and more flexible. You get a blingy glitter T-shirt vinyl that's easier to cut, easier to weed, and easier to wear. SIGNWarehouse.com