SilverBolt 1620SA heat press

We have exciting news for garment decoration pros. We’ve added a new line of heat presses designed to boost your productivity without breaking the bank. The new models all carry the SilverBolt label. The SilverBolt 1620SA heat press is an advanced new swing-arm model boasting features not found anywhere else in its price range. It’s like the Six Million Dollar Man of heat presses. We made it better, faster, smarter. What makes it such an outstanding value? Read on.

SilverBolt 1620SA Overview

SIGNWarehouse has been exceeding customers’ expectations for over 35 years. We use our buying power to provide brand name solutions at wholesale prices. Outstanding value is in our DNA. The latest example of this is the new line of SilverBolt of heat presses. SilverBolt heat presses are designed for efficient, high-volume production of heat transfers. Whether you’re working in sublimation, laser transfer, DTF transfers, or good old HTV, we have a SilverBolt press that will help you take your business to the next level.

The SilverBolt 1620SA heat press is the penultimate product in the range. It’s a swing-arm heat press with a 16” x 20” platen, a large, advanced digital control panel, and an aluminum rolling floor stand. This is a machine designed to simplify your heat transfer applications and to support quick, precise changes from one film to another.

SilverBolt 1620SA Features & Advantages

Has this ever happened to you? You gave your assistant the EasyWeed settings he asked for, only to find out later he was using Easy Weed Stretch. Failing transfers. You told your new hire to use firm pressure, but he overdid it, and put severe creases in all the jerseys. Unhappy customer. Your press operator got the settings for Hotmark and Hotmark Revolution mixed up and now all your best customer’s red polyester jerseys have been ruined by dye migration. Bye-bye, best customer.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, there should be a SilverBolt 1620SA in your future. Time, temperature, pressure - you have to get them all right - and not every heat transfer film has the same settings. Not every heat press operator gauges pressure the same way. Variations can cause failed transfers and time lost due to guessing. The SilverBolt 1620SA puts all of these time and money-wasting problems behind you.

The SilverBolt 1620SA heat press comes with the following features.

Custom Programmable Presets: The 1620SA is powered by a large backlit 5” control panel with a menu of programmable presets. You can save, edit, and name up to ten presets. Each includes time, temperature and pressure settings. They’re clearly displayed in large, bold text so that everyone who uses the press can easily choose the right settings for the job. Check out the slide show below for a sampling of some of the presets and features in the advanced control panel.

    Digital Pressure Display: The 1620SA’s digital pressure readout takes the guessing out of ‘light’, ‘medium’, and ‘firm’. Once you have the right pressure for a transfer product, save it as a numerical value in the preset. This removes the variations caused by different operators’ interpretation of pressure guidelines.

    Programmable shut off: Large heat presses use lots of energy. Leaving them on can drive up utility costs and pose safety hazards. That’s why the SilverBolt 1620SA’s control menu also includes a programmable shut off feature. You can program your SilverBolt to power down after a preset time, then go find other things to worry about.

    Accurate temperature: As with all EnduraPRESS and SilverBolt heat presses, accurate temperature is a given. The SilverBolt 1620SA heat platen and control module maintain set temperatures to within 5 – 10 degrees and produce even heat across the platen. The consistency and accuracy support demanding processes like laser transfer. HTV and sublimation are a breeze. If you do need to make adjustments, calibrating the display is a breeze.

    Caddie: And to optimize shop space, the SilverBolt 1620SA comes with an aluminum rolling floor stand as standard equipment. The stand provides a secure, stable platform for your heat transfer work and optimizes work space by freeing up your tables for other uses.

    SilverBolt Heat Press Applications

    What can you do with all this engineering excellence? Just about anything. Whether you’re using PU cad-cut heat transfer film, sublimation transfer paper, ChromaBlast, DTF or laser transfers, the SilverBolt 1620SA is up to the job. Ideal applications include custom apparel, direct to film transfers, sublimated apparel, and laser transfers. Sublimation and laser transfer applications include mouse pads, keychains, pants, tote bags, plaques, ceramic tiles, cell phone covers and a whole lot more.

    Price & availability

    The SilverBolt 1620SA has features not found on presses that cost well over $2,000. Those high-end ‘brand name’ heat presses are excellent products. Our SilverBolt presses are too, but they cost a little less. The SilverBolt 1620SA costs only $1,499.00 including the floor stand. Considering the unprecedented disruptions in the global supply chain, the other bit of good news is that they're in stock and ready to ship. Each SilverBolt heat press comes with a QuickStart Guide to help get you up and running uh…quickly. The user manual includes a full slate of recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings for popular heat transfer films from Siser, Chemica, and Logical Color. And, if you find yourself with questions, not to worry. Each 1620SA comes with a one-year warranty and one year of SIGNWarehouse Gold Customer Care. Order yours here.

    As exciting as the SilverBolt 1620SA heat press is, there is more good news to come. Every SilverBolt product offers outstanding value. If you’re looking for more productivity, more efficiency, or just a better quality heat press, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a more space-efficient solution, or a smarter heat press at a better price, the SilverBolt 1620SA is the one for you.