IColor 650 laser transfer printer

If you’re looking for a versatile digital transfer solution, we have exciting news. The IColor 600 series is back and better than ever. UniNet’s IColor laser transfer printers have set the standard for versatility and value. The IColor 550, 550s and 560 have been extremely popular despite their page size limitation. The new IColor 650 laser transfer printer takes everything you love about IColor and magnifies it. It’s a tabloid-size printer that offers an XXL solution for garment decoration, mugs, blanks, and more. The new print engine boasts exciting new features not found on the older IColor 600 plus all the versatility and value that have made IColor the leader in laser transfer decoration.

IColor 650 Laser Transfer Printer Overview

There’s so much to say about the UniNet IColor 650, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are the basics. It’s an LED laser printer that holds four high-yield toner cartridges. But it comes with five, so you can load different combinations of CMYK plus white - more on that in a moment. The IColor 650 accommodates 11” x 17” and 13” x 19” sheets of paper, card stock, and laser transfer media. It produces high resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi prints at speeds up to 36 pages/minute (ppm). But the main appeal of the 650 is its versatility.

IColor 650 Laser Transfer Printer: Bigger & Better

The new IColor 650 transfer printer is bigger than UniNet’s IColor 550 and 560, and better than the IColor 600. So if you purchased or considered a 550 but want an instant size upgrade, the 650 is a perfect fit. In this case, more is less. The 650’s larger-yield toner and drum cartridges lower your printing costs. And the IColor 650 is better than its predecessor, the popular IColor 600. The 650 has an updated print engine, better RIP software, and wireless printing options. The IColor 650 continues the UniNet tradition of superior value through innovation. The IColor’s killer app is color mapping.

The Genius of Color Mapping

CMYK: You can load CMYK to print transfer for white and pastel apparel, whether it’s cotton, polyester, or blended fabric. The CMYK configuration is also great for standard process color printing on paper, card stock and normal applications, including high quality marketing materials to promote your business.

CMYW Underprint: Or, you can load CMY plus white, with white toner underpinning the process color. This allows you to print vibrant color designs for heat transfer application on colored and dark fabric.

CMYW Overprint: Or you can load CMY plus White to print process color with white on top. This supports printing full-color graphics on non-white paper and card stock. It’s an excellent option for menus and upscale marketing materials.

Specialty Toners: Writing about an IColor printer makes us feel like we're producing an infomercial because we're tempted to say, 'But wait – there’s more!' The IColor 650 can also be loaded with specialty toners for unique applications. There's a sublimation toner upgrade that allows you to sublimate on polyester and polymer-coated blanks. There's a clever clear toner option for imprinting materials with UV security watermarks. And UniNet offers a fluorescent toner upgrade for printing dazzling black light effects on paper and textile transfers.

IColor 650 Applications: Six Printers in One.

The list of supported applications for the IColor 650 laser printer is pretty exciting. Here’s the bullet point summary.

  • Textile transfers on white, dark and colored textiles. This includes cotton, polyester, leather, and blended fabric.
  • Dye sublimation on white and pastel polyester and polymer-coated blanks.
  • Process color printing on standard papers and card stock.
  • Full color opaque printing on dark and colored paper and card stock.
  • Fluorescent ‘day glow’ graphics on paper and heat transfer applications.
  • Gold and silver foil effects on apparel and paper.
  • Security watermarks visible only under UV light.

IColor 650 Bundled Software, Unbeatable Value

Part of what makes UniNet IColor printers so attractive is the value proposition. We’ve already talked about the value of its versatility. But wait, there’s….more. Each IColor printer comes bundled with RIP software engineered specifically for heat transfer applications. That’s just one of the reasons our customer love these printers. The IColor software is an essential element of the IColor transfer solution.

IColor PRO RIP: Each UniNet transfer printer comes with IColor ProRIP software. ProRIP was engineered for these applications and designed to simplify the process of choosing the right paper and toner combinations. The queue-based RIP has pre-made workflows that make it easy to switch from CMYK to white over color or white under color. They also pre-load the correct media and paper settings so that the LED print engine is optimized for the chosen application. The clever design simplifies the workflow and shortens the learning curve.

Knockmeblackout: ProRIP includes smart features that soften transfers and reduce toner costs. Knockmeblackout is a quick and easy way to convert solid colors to halftones and stripes (FIG 1). This allows the fabric to ‘breathe’ through the applied toner. This clever feature makes your dark-garment transfers softer, more comfortable, and more durable. More info here.

ProRIP Knockmeblackout rasterization
FIG 1: Use the Knockmeblackout feature to soften transfers on black fabric

SmartCUT: SmartCUT is an easy-to-use app that breaks the boundaries of paper size. SmartCUT is a tiling application that allows you to print and apply large graphics in sections. Since the IColor 650 handles tabloid size paper, most users will find the native sheet sizes more than sufficient. But, if you need an XXL transfer, SmartCUT is your answer. Each IColor 650 comes with a demo version of SmartCut that can be converted to a full license for $379.00. There are more workflow details here. As if it wasn’t already an incredible value, UniNet includes 25 high-quality image files to help you get started.

No-Sweat Support

SIGNWarehouse and UniNet know more than anyone that jumping into laser transfer decoration can be a challenge for some customers. That’s why we offer each IColor 650 laser printer comes with a suite of training and support resources. Each SIGNWarehouse IColor 650 starter bundle comes with the White Toner Beginners’ Notebook to help you shorten the learning curve.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can also start with a package that includes the White Toner Master Class Training Program (FIG 2). This comprehensive program will equip you to tackle all the challenges of adopting this exciting and versatile technology. The White Toner Master Class is a video training seminar consisting of 54 lessons in seven modules. The Master Class takes you from setup to graphic design and includes trouble-shooting tips designed to put you on the fast track to success. If you already have your printer and would just like to shorten your learning curve, the White Toner Master Class can be purchased separately for $695.00.

IColor White Toner Master Class
FIG 2: The White Toner Master Class shortens the learning curve.

No matter what SIGNWarehouse starter bundle you choose, your IColor 650 is backed by a full year of Gold support and a two-year warranty.

IColor 650 Printer Starter Bundles: Prices and Options

With that kind of support, bundled RIP software, and training resources, you might expect this to be a big investment. This is especially true when you add up all the applications you get from ‘Six printers in one’, plus RIP software, training resources, Gold support, and a two-year warranty. But wait -- there's more. As noted above, SIGNWarehouse and IColor are synonymous with value. That’s why each starter bundle includes Logical Color LXF laser transfer paper, and tools to optimize your heat press. The garment decoration genies grant all your business startup wishes for under $7,700. And, if you have good credit and an established commercial bank account, the cost of entry is less than $500 -- the first two lease payments plus filing fees. All you need to do is figure out which IColor 650 printer starter bundle best fits your needs. About the bundles: the printers are still being built, but you can reserve one online through our pre-order option. Ignore the "temporarily out of stock" text on the landing page and click the bundle you want to order yours.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting the most versatile laser transfer solution available. You’ll gift yourself with a bundle of value that includes an advanced LED laser printer, powerful RIP software, transfer media, and indispensable training tools. You’ll be ready to print on standard and non-standard papers, and print vibrant transfers to light and dark apparel, mugs and tumblers, awards, sublimated blanks and so much more.