Nobody sells more signage equipment than SignWarehouse. That's because we partner with best in class financing. 

Credit Key

APPLY NOW with Credit Key

  • Instant credit decision for a line of credit up to $50,000 with term options up to 12 months*.
  • Most equipment qualifies over $1,000 in value. Simply apply and select credit key at checkout.
  • First 30 days always interest-free, as low as 1% per month for longer terms.
  • Applying does not affect your personal credit.

  • Long standing relationships with many banks.
  • Competitive rates based on your credit.
  • Same day financing.
  • No payments for 90 days and no payment in advance options available.
  • All businesses considered – established, new, and credit challenged.

APPLY NOW with Click Lease

  • All credit scores welcome, no hard credit pull.
  • Instant Approvals up to $20,000.
  • Choose your payment terms.

Why Finance Your Equipment Purchase?

Equipment financing and leasing conserves working capital and offers up to 100% financing. This allows the acquisition of needed equipment without a major cash outlay. In most cases, the full amount of the equipment, as well as the service, shipping, installation costs, and maintenance, can be included in the finance agreement.
  • Equipment financing offers potential tax advantages. Lease finance payments can be fully deductible as an operating expense. With bank loans only the interest portion and depreciation are deductible. Equipment financing tax benefits generally add up faster than the depreciation benefits of ownership. In states where no exemptions exist, equipment financing may allow you to spread out its sales tax liability over the term of the agreement.*
  • Equipment financing avoids the use of short-term bank lines, thus conserving borrowing capacity for financing inventory, accounts receivable, and other needs. With equipment financing or leasing, bank lines you may have already established remain intact and fully available to you for other day-to-day expenses and the acquisition of equipment not foreseen in capital budget planning.
  • Equipment financing provides a new source of funds, often enlarging the pool of capital available to your company. Equipment financing becomes a new alternative credit source. You will have a new lender available to you to help your business!
  • Equipment financing avoids large upfront payments. Typical bank loans require substantial upfront payments and can put a drain on operating budgets.
  • Equipment financing offers fixed payments. No need to worry about rising interest rates. Monthly finance payments don't change, many bank loans do. Spreading costs out evenly over the term of the agreement makes planning a financial budget easier.
  • Equipment financing helps you build a credit history. New businesses or companies with an inconsistent history can establish a credit history allowing them to finance/purchase more equipment as their business grows.
  • Equipment financing is quick. Most applications can be approved quickly after the requested paperwork has been submitted. No loan committee process.
  • Equipment financing is flexible. Equipment financing allows you to set your own structure and finance your acquisition with an intermediate-term that may not be available through bank lines. And, you get to decide the amount of the agreement in order to meet the needs of your business. Longer terms mean lower payments. Thus, you can match your payments with your cash flow.
  • Equipment financing gives you the advantage of new technology. An Equipment Finance Agreement keeps your equipment up to date. It allows the ability to acquire the latest technology (such as a new large-format printer) to keep your shop efficient and profitable!