The topic for today is the new Logical Color WarmPEEL CP. The CP stands for Cotton and Polyester. Like most heat transfer vinyls, WarmPeel CP works on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton-poly blends, acrylic and similar fabrics. And, as the name also implies, it's a warm peel t-shirt vinyl, so it's great for high production environments. It's CPSIA compliant, really easy to use, and it comes in a great variety of colors. Here's why Logical Color WarmPEEL CP should be your go-to HTV for everyday apparel.


Logical Color WarmPeel CP is a premium Polyurethane heat transfer film suitable for application on cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics. The 3.9 mil (98 micron) face film is thin, soft, and stretchable, but still opaque enough for bold graphics on light and dark apparel. Since it's a premium PU film, it meets Oeko-Tex and CPSIA standards for child safety. It comes in 40 popular colors including two metallic and four fluorescent hues. WarmPeel CP comes on a self-adhesive clear polyester liner. This makes it easier to cut because the polyester liner is more forgiving than paper liners. The slight tack level of the liner means that if you get too aggressive when weeding, you can put a missed character back in place and it will stay put. The combination of the PU face film and self-adhesive liner make WarmPEEL CP very easy to cut, easy to weed and easy to apply. Speaking of application, it is a warm peel t-shirt vinyl, but you can actually apply it warm or cold. If you're in a hurry, just give it a few seconds after the press cycle is done and peel the liner. If you're busy and have other things to do, peeling it cold is okay too.

Application Instructions: How to Use WarmPEEL CP

So I guess since we're talking about peeling and waiting, we should talk specifics. Okay, here's how to use WarmPEEL CP with a heat press.
  • Design your image in vector software and reverse, flip, or mirror it before sending to the vinyl cutter.
  • Load the film shiny side down. Use a sharp 45° plotter blade and approximately 80 grams of force. Cut and weed a test pattern before proceeding with the job.
  • Weed away the excess film and place the graphic shiny side up, 'right reading' on the apparel. (We are assuming you've already put the shirt on the heat press here, okay?)
  • Press with medium-to firm pressure for 15 seconds at 320°F (160°C).
  • Wait 3 - 5 seconds and remove the liner. Or remove it after lunch. Or whenever.

How-To Video

    If you'd like to see how it's done, here's a handy how-to video that shows you the process from start to finish. Cutting force recommendations and trouble-shooting tips are included.



      How wide, how long, how much?

      In addition to the large 40-color palette, there are lots of size options. WarmPEEL CP comes in 12" and 20" widths, so it's suitable for use in professional and craft cutters. Roll lengths range from 3 to 30 feet. The 12" x 3-foot rolls are perfect for startups and crafty folks. Serious shirt shops can buy the core colors in 30-foot rolls and use the short roll option for Brown, Fuchsia and the like. 12" x 3-foot rolls start under  $8.99. If you're not sure what size suits you, click here to start shopping.

      Logical Color WarmPEEL CP is a great addition to our Logical Color line of heat transfer films. It's a simpler, more-affordable warm peel t-shirt vinyl than WarmPeel Universal. It's a child-safe premium PU film for cotton, polyester and cotton-poly blends. And it's soft, stretchable, opaque, easy to cut, weed, and apply. Having all of that in 40 colors is pretty exciting.