The following are features of the LXi or Flexi software that need to be examined if no communication is going to your cutter. These instruction assume you have already verified your port settings. If you are getting a "Cannot Open Port" message, click here.

Multiple Cutter Setups for a Single Cutter

Within Production Manager, drivers for your cutter are setup and selected. If you have more than 1 Setup for your vinyl cutter, this can cause communication issues. Sending Problems_pic1

You will want to delete all cutter setups except for the original one. If you are not able to determine which the original setup is, you will need to delete all setups. Do this by right clicking on the Cutter Address (the top line that has the manufacturer name and port location) and choosing “Delete”.

Sending Problems_pic2

After deleting all the cutter setups, you will be able to set your cutter back up on the “Add Setup” screen.

No Active Cutter has been Selected

Another possibility for no sending is if all your cutters are turned off on Production Manager. You will see “Inactive Setup” as the status of your Job.Sending Problems_pic3

To correct this issue, simply put a check mark in the box just to the left of your cutter’s Setup Name. Delete the old job, and try to send again. If still not sending, it usually is because of the next issue.

Always “Holding” as Status

If you send a job, sometimes the status can show up as “Holding”.Sending Problems_pic4

This is controlled, not on the Production Manager screen, but on the Cut/Plot screen. Simply change the send status on the Cut/Plot screen from “Hold in List” to “Send Now”.Sending Problems_pic5

(Note: If you do not have the option to change the status to “Send Now”, it is because your cutter is still not active. Set your cutter to active in Production Manager as outlined in the previous step. Then close the “Cut/Plot” screen, and open it back up. This will reset the “Cut/Plot” screen, and will allow you to set your active cutter to “Send now”)