While Flexi and LXi software has all of the crucial tools for professional design, it is important to remember that tools, options, and procedures vary from one design software to the next. Even more, realize that design programs and, for instance, word processing programs are different platforms and therefore take dramatically different approaches to accomplish some of the same simple task.

While underlining or adding a box around text may be not be as easy as once-click, the effects are simple nonetheless with Flexi and LXi Software.


An underline is really just a square or rectangle placed under the word. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw an object the length of the word or words you wish to underline. Use Design Central to fine-tune the dimensions if necessary.

Creating a Box

Just like when underlining, use the Rectangle tool to easily create a box around your text (or image).
  • Create a square or rectangle the size you want to outside edge of the border to be.
  • Select the check box next to the "Inner border" option in Design Central.
You'll now see that an inside edge has been formed in the square.
  • To change the distance between the outer and the inner edge of the square, use the number field below the Inner border option.
You can also change the type of corners on the border. There are four options to choose from.
  • To change the corner type click the drop down arrow in Design Central and selection one of the options.
  • Change the number for the corner radius which is the filed just above the Inner border check box to increase or decrease the amount that the corner is changed. (This can also be done by clicking & dragging one of the circles found in the four corners.)

Create an Outline

Before You Cut If you're going to add text or an image to the inside of the border, be sure to use the Select All (Ctrl A) option so that both the border and the object inside are visible in the Cut/Plot window. There are also options in the program to align the two objects. These may be found under the Arrange heading across the top of the window or by right-clicking the objects and selecting the option in the menu. If the square is not the same color as your text and you want to send both objects at the same time, you'll need to select "Send All Colors' under the third tab in the Cut/Plot window. Otherwise the program will separate the objects by color.