Flexi-LXi Fonts and Vector Clip Art

SignWarehouse is happy to provide downloadable Flexi-LXI fonts and vector clip art graphics to be used with your LXi and Flexi software.

Thanks for being a SignWarehouse customer! Please follow the updated instructions below to download and install the files.

  • Click here to download fonts and vector clip art files 
  • Click here for detailed, step-by-step instructions on installing the zipped font and clip art libraries.
  • Once you download the zipped folder, use the embedded font extractor to install the fonts in Windows. Use the LXI Clipart installer.msi to install the clip art files.
  • You must choose a location to store the clipart files and PDF summaries of both collections. Pick a convenient location such as your desktop.
  • These are TrueType fonts. Once they're installed, you will be able to see them in your C:/Windows/Fonts folder and they will automatically appear in all Windows applications, including LXI and Flexi.
  • Click here for the PDF version of the font library.
  • Clip art files are in a separate folder titled LXI clipart.

And now you're done! Use the File/Import feature to add clip art images to your workspace and use the Text tools to access your newly installed fonts. For more on how to use these tools in LXI 12, please visit our LXI Video Tutorials Library. Click here to watch and learn. And enjoy your free fonts and vector clip art!