When using your VE LXi or Flexi software, the job size is controlled using the Design Central window. If you do not see the Design Central window, open it by selecting "View" across the top and choosing "Design Central". You'll want to have the Design Central window open at all times. To create your text select the Text Tool (the T on the left side of the window) then click a white area of the screen. You'll see a blinking cursor. Now, type in what you want to cut. After you have created your text, go back and click on the Select Tool. This is the arrow that you see just above the Text Tool over on the left toolbar. When your job is selected it will be outlined in a thin red line with 8 resize boxes surrounding it. The dimensions of what is outlined will then show in the Design Central window. To change only one dimension of the job, be sure to uncheck the Proportional box in Design Central.

Sizing Job_pic1



As long as the dimensions listed in Design Central are less than the distance between the left and right pinch rollers on the cutter then the entire job should fit. (With the exception of the R-Series, all cutters use the placement of the pinch rollers to determine the area they will use when cutting.) Now you're ready to open the Cut/Plot window. Since the job size was chosen in Design Central, there is no need to change it in Cut/Plot. The Job Scale displayed should be at 100%. Changing it will change the size of your job on the cutter.


Sizing Job_pic2


One final item to consider for cutting the correct size is the Panel Margin found under the second tab in the Cut/Plot window. By default it will be set to 0.100 but it can be changed if needed or desired. Changing it does not affect the cutter output size but it is adding to the job size and the cutter will allow for the margin before it begins to cut. In some situations, where the job size is very close to the area inside the pinch rollers, this can affect whether a job is cut completely or not.

Sizing Job_pic3

The origin point is the blade's position over the material and is where the machine will begin cutting. The only exception to this is if you have used the arrow keys to move the blade, but did not set the origin point after doing so. If you move the job position in the Cut/Plot window, the cutter will move accordingly before beginning the cut job. Because of this we recommend that Position in the Cut/Plot window remain 0.0 & 0.0 in. By following these settings you should have no trouble cutting your designs at the size you want.