This article explains how LXi and Flexi users can cleanup jagged edges on autotraced images to yield the cleanest cut possible. We begin at an assumption that the reader has already autotraced the image to form a vectorized (cuttable) object. Click here for instructions on autotracing.

Inspecting the Image

If you zoom in on the vector image, you will then see the jagged edges that need to be corrected, lines that need to be straightened, curves to be smoothed and if applicable, text that needs to be replaced.


Image Cleanup1


This is where your editing tools will be used. While this can be a time consuming process, it can also be a very profitable service to offer to your customers. The more you practice, the faster you’ll become and the more profit you will make recreating your customer’s logo’s. Some designers charge a minimum of $25 per hour depending on how complex the image.

**Note: Before you begin to edit the image, go to VIEW, Fill Stroke Editor and make sure that you check Wireframe to remove the fill color. This will make it easier to see the detail.


Image Cleanup3


Straighten Points Tool (Used to Straighten Lines)Image Cleanup Icon_Straighten

Simply click where you want it to start straightening and then where you want it to stop, then click the green check mark in Design Central to apply.Image Cleanup4

Optimize by 3-Point Arc Tool (Used to Smooth Curves)Image Cleanup Icon_Optimize

Click where you want to start smoothing a curve, click where you want it to stop, then click on the center dot & drag it to perfection. Now click the green check mark in Design Central to Apply.


Image Cleanup5
**Also used for smoothing or editing curves:Image Cleanup Icon_Smoothing Curves


Sharpen Corners ToolImage Cleanup Icon_Sharpen

Click to the right and then to the left of a corner that needs to be sharpened, then click the green check mark in Design Central to apply.

Image Cleanup6 

4) Round Corners ToolImage Cleanup Icon_Round

Click on a corner that needs to be rounded, choose the diameter of the curve, then click the green check mark in Design Central to apply.

5) Select Points tools (Used to select, add or remove points on the path of your image)Image Cleanup Icon_Select Point Tools

With the select points tool, you can click on a certain point on the image & drag it in any direction to modify the design.

6) Cleaver tool (Used to cut things apart)Image Cleanup Icon_Cleaver

Just click and drag through the section you wish to separate.

Image Cleanup8

7) Other Tools

There are also a variety of tools that can be used to join or break apart an open path, or for vertical or horizontal alignment:

Image Cleanup Icon_Variety