Depending on how files are created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw they will sometimes have a box around them when imported into LXi or Flexi. The box is called a mask. In order to work with or sometimes even cut the image you must first remove the mask. These steps will tell you how to do so.

When there is a mask or box around an image, follow these steps to remove it:
  • Import the image into LXi or Flexi and select the entire image.
  • Go to Arrange, Mask and choose Unmask. At this point you'll see that the square has turned black & your image is outlined in red.
  • Click a blank white area of the screen then click an area of the black box that does not include your image.
  • Press the Delete button on your keyboard.
You should now see your image without any box around it when you select it.You may want to select the entire image again then go to Arrange, Group, and select Group so that the image is one object.