LXi and Flexi's Distort Tool can be used to apply a variety of different effects to text and objects. To distort text, first create your text as you normally would. Then, switch to the Select Tool and adjust the size of the text to fit your needs. Now go to Effects across the top of the program screen and select Distort from the Effects list. Probably the best way way to get to know this tool is to sit down and play around with it using the different options it offers. Below is an example of what you can do using one of the distort options.

Click the button showing the type of distortion selected to see other option. Choose the effect shape that most resembles the effect you're wanting to create.

Grab the points and adjust as desired.

Click the check-mark in Design Central to apply changes. The distortion tool can also be applied to imported images and shape objects.

1. Select the objects.

2. From the Effect menu, select Distortion.

3. Adjust the values in Design Central or drag the control points.

4. Click Apply.