In this example, we will mask portions of a Bitmap image that is surrounded by a white box. We are using the Tiger.TIF file that comes as a sample in some versions of LXi and Flexi. Here's how to master image masking:


When you open the tiger file within Flexi, you will notice that you can not select the tiger. Flexi will force you to select the tiger as well as the white area around the image. The reason why you would want to change this is so you can apply a contour cut around the tiger (example A) or if you want to paste the tiger into another file without the white area blocking other graphics (example B). Look at the following examples:
Example A
Example B


First of all, make sure you enable your Bitmap Edit Toolbar. Once enabled, the toolbar will be located in the bottom left of your Flexi screen (marquee, lasso, wand and etc tools). 


1. Select the wand tool from the Bitmap Edit Toolbar and select the white box that surrounds the tiger. You may need to adjust the tolerance of the wand tool. You do so by making adjustments within Design Central. Increasing the number increases the tolerance of the color selection. Lowering the number lowers the tolerance.


2. After selecting the white area, you will go back into the bitmap menu and choose “Invert Selection”. Doing so will change your selection to include just the tiger.

3. Next, you will go into the bitmap menu and choose “Convert Marquee to Shape”. The result should be the following:


At this point, the file has two layers. The first layer is the original image (the tiger in color with a white box). The second layer is our converted shape (the black tiger shape).

4. Choose: Edit – Select – Select All. Doing so will select both layers. 5. Next, choose: Arrange – Mask – Mask.

 The above result is after we have masked the shape with the original image.


Example C

Example D
Now, you will notice we can successfully apply a contour cut (example C). Also, we can combine the tiger graphic with another object without the white box blocking out the other object (example D). If you need more help with your graphic designs or do not have the time to do it yourself you can always check this site to get help from professional designers who will get the job done for you. (See Part 2: Bitmap image that is partially surrounded by a white box.)