Preparing an Image

In this section we will review how to prepare multi-colored images in the Flexi/LXI program. This is a great way to really make your design stand out and is essential for every sign maker to know how to do. First, create the image you want to use for the sign. Make sure that it is more than one color.  

Next, you will need to set your registration marks (DO NOT USE THE AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION MARKS). You can find the registration mark tool by left clicking and holding down on the shape tool. After about 2 seconds the rest of the shapes will present themselves. You will then click on the registration mark tool. .


Multi Color_pic2


Now that you have your registration mark tool, you will need to place these registration marks on various places near your image. These marks will be cut on each color. Notice that you can adjust the size and shape of the registration marks in design central.

Multi Color_pic3


Now that your image is ready to be cut, go to file and cut/plot to send the image to your cut/plot screen. When you are in your cut/plot screen go to the "Advanced" tab and make sure that the box by "Send All Colors" is NOT checked. 


Multi Color_pic4


At this point you will go back to the "General" tab and select the color you would like to send to the cutter. Notice that on both colors you will see the registration marks.


Multi Color_pic5


Send the first color to the cutter.


Multi Color_pic6


Send the second color to the cutter. Your image is now ready to apply. Click here for Part 2: Application.

Enjoy working with multi-color images for your customer's success!