The cross cut function is found on Q Series plotters (Q60, Q75, Q100, Q130, and Q160) and is designed to cut perfect edges for the first vinyl graphic cut and the one(s) to follow. Rather than cut by hand and getting a crooked or ragged edge, let the Q do it for you and get a perfect cut every time! Here's how:
  1. Push the "Menu" button on the Q control panel to enter the "Menu Mode".
  2. Press "Next" to access the first page of the menu. There you will see "Cross Cut", "Pre Feed", and "Move Step" options.
  3. Press F2 to select "Cross Cut".
  4. Press F3 to cut.

Stand back and grin, which is what most people do when the cutter begins it process. The Q measures the loaded media, then cuts from the center to the left edge, from the center to the right edge (leaving a section in the middle), and then completes the process by cutting the remaining center section. The three-step process ensures that the weight of the vinyl doesn't skew the cut as media falls off the platen. Then, just to be sure it's complete, the Q advances a bit of media and shakes the cut section loose.

* This feature works only on Roll1 or Roll2 mode.