This adjustment will set the cross cutter home position value. If you replace the main board, use the following procedure to input the recorded adjustment values.

How to Adjust the Cross Cutter Home Position

  1. Turn on the power while simultaneously pressing the FAST and ENTER keys.
  2. Enter the adjustment menu
  3. Load an A3 or larger size sheet of paper in the plotter. The paper must cover the front and rear media sensors.
  4. Lower the media set lever to raise the pinch rollers, and then raise the media set lever to detect the paper size. The menu shown below is displayed after the media set lever is raised.
    Cross Cut Adj_pic1
  5. Press the down arrow key until the menu shown below is displayed.
    Cross Cut Adj_pic2
  6. Press the F2 key to display the menu shown below.
    Cross Cut Adj_pic3
  7. Press the F1 key to display the menu shown below. The pen head moves to the left side of the cross cutter home position.
    Cross Cut Adj_pic4
  8. Confirm the gap between the cross cutter dog and the cross cutter release plate.
  9. Adjust the gap to a value in the range of 0 mm to 0.2 mm.
    • Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to adjust the gap. Cross cutter dog and cross cutter release plate 0 to 0.2 mm
      Cross Cut Adj_pic5
  10. Press the left arrow key to display the menu shown below.
    Cross Cut Adj_pic6
  11. Press the F4 key to confirm the gap.
    • If the cross cutter dog presses on the cutter release plate too much, a position alarm error will be displayed.
    • At this time reduce the C-CUTTER POS ADJ value.
  12. Press the ENTER key to store the setting.
  13. Turn off the power to exit from the adjustment menu.

There you have it! Now you're a pro at adjusting the cross cutter home position for Vinyl Express cutters.