Money Machine
Turn your sign making business into a money machine with these 5 easy steps.
Sales are the lifeblood of every sign business; who doesn't want more of them? We've talked before about how you don't need to be an expert salesmen to convince others you are the business to deal with. (See our recent post on how to make a Successful Sales Call for tips on how to close a sale.) You should, however, put into practice the follow suggestions if you really want to see an increase in your sales:
  1. Empower your employees. Train them to be good representatives in your sign business. All employees should be expected to provide excellent customer service, which can translate into increased sales. In a small business, everyone on the payroll is part of the sales team. (We have a slogan here at SignWarehouse: Everybody Sells! It's posted on banners hanging everywhere.)
  2. Since everyone plays a part in making a sale, take the time to educate your employees regarding the products and services the business offers. They should be familiar enough with the business that they can handle customer inquiries with ease.
  3. In harmony with making every employee a part of the sales team, offer them incentives for closing sales. Set a monthly goal for each employee to hit, and reward them if they make it, either with an extra vacation day or a small bonus.
  4. In addition to monthly sales goals, set a yearly calendar detailing your sales targets. Track your progress over the course of the year and evaluate how you are doing in relation to how you had hoped to do. Make adjustments as needed.
  5. If you miss a sale, don't dwell on it. Use any botched opportunities as learning experiences, and apply what you learn in your next attempt.