Does your sign shop solve communication problems?
Does your sign shop solve customer communication problems?

As much as you may hate sign making sales calls, they are a part of every successful sign making business. Being well prepared for your sales call will help you feel less nervous, and make the process more natural. You will also better be able to pitch your sign solutions and focus on the needs of the client. Preparing beforehand ensures you ask all the right questions and greatly contributes to the success or failure your sales call.

Step Number 1 : Do your research.

Before you visit the potential customer take some time to learn a little about them and their business. Tailor your presentation to match their business. Bring with you all relevant supplies, such as vinyl color swatch charts, photos of previous sign jobs, rough layout sketches, or brochures. Set a goal for your call and know what your next move is.

Step Number 2: Meet and greet.

Take note of office décor and tie it into your conversation. If there are pictures of children and it is appropriate, ask about them. Keep track of all the people you meet, especially those who you may be dealing with if you make a sale. Bridge the conversation slowly from small talk to business. Ask questions such as what their goals are and what challenges their company faces. Let them do the talking and spend most of your time listening.

Step Number 3: Gather information.

Find out who is in charge of making decisions, if it isn't the person you are already speaking with. Inquire of their time frame and budget for the sign project. Ask what they think their needs are. Find out what they think you can do to help them.

Step Number 4: Present your business.

Start with addressing what solutions you have for their specific problems. Show how your company can benefit theirs. This is the bulk of your talking, but make sure you still involve the customer by asking questions and allowing a chance for them to ask questions. After you have provided them with a solution, give a brief overview of other services you offer.

Step Number 5: Closing.

Try to close the sale right then and there. Get them to commit. If they aren't ready to purchase anything yet, set up a specific time to call back, and stick with that appointment. If they decide to use your sign business, make sure and request referrals.

Stay focused on the purpose of your sales call, and you will be much more effective. When you see the benefit of your hard work, you will likely be enthused to continue in your efforts as a salesman.