Replacing Q-Series Pinch Rollers Can Be Easy

Replacing the Q-Series pinch roller on a Q-series cutter is easy in theory, but not always in practice. Full disclosure, the process can be a bit tedious. Still, with the right tools including a healthy dose of determination, anyone can do it. Be sure to read through all of these instructions including the helpful hints below before beginning.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. There is a small metal pin that goes through the roller wheel. The pin is held in place by two C-clamps on either side of it. Use a small screwdriver or narrow pick to remove the C-clamp on the right side of the wheel. It’s important to do this from the right because the pin can only be pushed to the left.

2. Push the pin leftward through the roller. It may be helpful to position your screwdriver through the hole of the roller assembly’s plastic outer casing.

3. One you have successfully pushed a large portion of the pin through the roller, utilize the portion of the pin protruding from the left side of the roller. This may include pushing on the remaining C-clamp or using needle-nosed pliers to pull the pin from the assembly.

4. Once the pin is removed, use your fingers to remove the old roller.

From this point forward, you will simply reverse the previous steps:

5. Place the new wheel in place of the old one.

6. Put the pin through the new wheel.

7. Hook the C-clamp back on the pin.

Some Helpful Hints

  • We recommend lowering the Q-Series pinch rollers at least while removing and replacing the pin. This will help keep the roller assembly from moving while you push against it.
  • You will likely have to bend or twist the C-clamp in order to remove it. Be careful not to damage it when prying it out of its placement.
  • Load vinyl onto the machine so not to drop parts into the machine through small hole in frame.
  • Consider using tools with magnetic tips when removing or replacing the C-clamp as it is easy to drop and lose.