Watch how easy basic cleaning and maintenance can be on the PrismJET VJ24 or Mutoh ValueJET VJ628 Printer. We are happy to bring you these 24 inch printer maintenance videos. 

Use these videos in conjunction with (not instead of) instructions found in the user manual.

When the VJ-628's ink levels become low, the error light will flash and a buzzer should sound. If this happens in the middle of printing, the operation will pause temporarily and restart after the ink cartridge is changed. Leave the printer powered on throughout the cartridge change. First, short press the operation key on the operation panel. This will cancel the buzzing sound. Next, view the ValueJet Status Monitor to check which ink cartridges need to be replaced. You can then remove the empty cartridges from the back of the printer. Remember, if a certain color shows to be empty, that means both cartridges for that color need to be replaced. Remember when ordering your replacements where you'll always find competitive prices on the 628's Ecosolvent Ultra Inks. Once the old inks are removed, pickup and lightly shake the new ink cartridge 2 or 3 times before inserting them into the proper locations. Make sure to match the ink cartridge color with the label on the back of the printer. The cartridge arrow should face up. Also, make sure that the cartridge is inserted as far as it will go. You will likely feel slight resistance at some point. However, if the cartridge sticks out further than any of the other inks, then you’ll need to continue to push until the cartridge is all the way to the end. The printer should beep when the cartridge is detected. The error light on the operation panel should disappear once all empty cartridges are replaced.

Weekly maintenance of the VJ 628 includes cleaning the wiper and print head circumference. First, open the front cover, and manually move the carriage to the right enough to release the spring lock. Then slide the carriage to the far left or maintenance position. The carriage can also be moved using the operation panel in conjunction with the Value Jet Status Monitor (see manual for details). With the carriage out of the way, lightly moisten a cleaning stick with Ultra Cleaning solution and dab it against a lint free cloth to remove excess solution. Next, on the front-right side of the machine, push down the plastic lever that raises the cleaning wiper. Rub the moistened cleaning stick along both sides of the cleaning wiper until a noticeable amount of ink is transferred to the cleaning stick. Then, on the front-left side of the machine, use a new cleaning stick to remove dust and ink clumps from the print head's silver circumference and black plastic guide parts; but be careful not to touch the print head surface as it could damage the print head. After completing the weekly cleaning, return and lock the carriage to the far right of the printer, and close the front cover.

The VJ 628’s waste ink tank collects and stores excess fluid passed through the machine during the printer’s initial setup, scheduled cleanings, and regular print flushing. A flashing error light may indicate a full waste ink tank, but we encourage users to view the Value Jet Status Monitor daily to check ink levels as well as the the waste ink tank. When the VSM shows the waste tank to be full, pull out the waste ink tube located on the right side of the machine and insert its tip into a P-E-T bottle for transfer. Then, simply release the tube clip to allow a free flow of the waste ink. You or an assistant may need to lift the opposing side of the printer to assist the ink flow, but make sure that one hand is always holding the ink tube in the transfer bottle. Once the tank is empty, return the waste ink tube. Then, in the VSM software, click “Reset Waste Ink.” A confirmation window should open. Simply click “Yes” to set the counter back to zero.

The absorption material or spit pad found within the VJ 628's flushing box needs to be replaced every 2 months to maintain optimal print quality. From time to time, it may swell or harden which would warrant replacing it early. First, open the front cover, and manually move the carriage to the right just enough to release the spring lock. Then slide the carriage to the far left (also known as the maintenance position). The carriage can also be moved using the operation panel in conjunction with the Value Jet Status Monitor...(see manual for details). With the carriage moved, grab the tab of the flushing box to lift it out of the machine. Replace the absorption material by snapping each corner of the new pad into the flushing box. Then return the flushing box to the printer. Move and lock the carriage back into the far right position, and close the printer's front cover.

The VJ 628's cutter blade may become dull after frequent use. To replace the blade, open the front cover of the machine. Swing the arm of the cutter holder to the side, and remove the cutter carefully so not to lose the spring found within the holder. Insert a new cutter into the cutter holder, and return the arm to the its original position.