Learn about revolutionary new heat transfer products from our partners at Chemica US. We'll introduce the versatile Hotmark Revolution. You will see exciting new products for printers and cutters, plus tips on boosting production in your shirt shop.

Is this webinar we will show you...

  • Chemica's Revolutionary New T-shirt Vinyl
  • How to boost revenue and productivity by adding fashion and specialty films
  • How to layer Bling 'glitter' transfers
  • How to calculate custom shirt cost
  • How to use EasyPRINT and HotMark Print with your printer
  • Warm peel process, installation tips, and more.
  • NOTE: The promotional coupon code referenced in this video was valid during the immediate days following the original webinar only.

To see these products and more Chemica products, click here!

Webinar Handouts

During the event, you may have seen these documents visible as Handouts. Just in case you didn't receive them, you can access them here. Just click to download. Read, learn, grow, & prosper.

  • HotMark Revolution User Guide. Here are your recommended time, temperature and pressure settings for applying HotMark Revolution to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and Nylon.
  • Chemica Layering Guide. What Chemica heat transfer films can be applied in layers? What works well together and how should the garment be laundered?

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