Watch start-to-finish instructions on How to Cut your First Job with VE LXi (and an R-Series cutter). These instructions apply after users have downloaded and installed the software and have already setup the cutter in Production Manager.

Summarized Instructions

  1. Open LXI program. (:28)
  2. Import vector image or create original design using text and shape tools. (1:09-2:04)
  3. Use Design Central window to customize your design with precision. (2:22)
  4. Use rulers to size job. (5:08)
  5. Save project periodically. (5:29)
  6. Click Cut/Plot icon to export completed design. (5:57)
  7. Confirm output device in Production Manager. (6:10)
  8. Confirm output device in Cut/Plot window. (6:53)
  9. Make adjustments to final output in Cut/Plot window if needed. (7:04-7:41)
    • Users can adjust offset, number of copies, and orientation in Cut/Plot.
    • All sizing adjustments should take place before sending to Cut/Plot.
  10. Click "Send". (7:42)

Additional Resources