Creatively Working with Text in LXi

Vinyl Express LXi offers all of the customization expected from professional design software. However, in order to appreciate its full functionality, user must first familiarize themselves with all of the tools at their disposal.

This article contains video tutorials that will help users develop a working knowledge of how to effectively create and customize text in LXi. 

Text Tutorial 1- Creating Text

This introductory video shows LXi users how to create text with all of the customization available through Design Central.

Text Tutorial 2- Manipulating Text

We continue to customize our text, but now we're using the selection tool to modify each each character separately. We also look at the "Break Apart" feature.

Text Tutorial 3- Arc Text Tool

Learn how to create text on an arc. You can still modify using Design Central with the Text tool or the Select tool.

Text Tutorial 4- Path Text Tool

The Path Text Tool is ideal for designers who seek unique text-positioning or want to integrate text with graphics.

Text Tutorial 5- Outline Effect

The Outline Effect can be used with text or shape objects.

There you have it! Creatively working with text in LXi will provide you more options to please your cusotmers and create interesting designs for them. You've upped your game!