Here is a summary of all you need to setup the Vinyl Express enduraCUT™3 vinyl cutter including installing the software, prepping the machine, and establishing communication from your computer to the cutter.


The software installation is often the most time-consuming part of setting up new equipment. Instead of breaking your momentum later, it may be best to begin your software download first. That way, operators can prep the cutter while the software is installing. No CD or DVD is required to install the software. CLICK HERE for complete instructions on downloading and installing LXi Cloud from your online account.


The actual cutter requires little preparation before using. The cutter should arrive with a blade and blade holder assembly already in place in the cutter’s tool carriage and the AAS II™ should arrive engaged and ready for use. The optional stand is easy to assemble; however, the cutter's compact design also allows you to move the enduraCUT™3 straight from the box to a desktop or tabletop. STUDY THE USER'S MANUAL for conditions and factors to consider when choosing the best location for your cutter. After choosing a location, plug the AC Power cord into a wall outlet and attach the end into the left side of the cutter.


The final component to setup is establishing communication from the computer to the cutter using the Keyspan adapter. In short, the configuration will be:

Computer (USB port) → Keyspan adapter → Serial cable → Cutter

Realizing we have oversimplified a bit, CLICK HERE for complete instructions for setting up communication using the Keyspan adapter. After installing the adapter, setup communication within Production Manager.

Final Thoughts

Once the cutter is setup, you will still need to load, align, and size your material before sending the job. Also, be sure to utilize the tray roller that accompanies your cutter for consistent tracking. These tips and more are covered in greater detail within the Vinyl Express enduraCUT™3 User's Manual.