Serial Connections & Keyspan Adaptors

Some vinyl cutters require a serial connection which is unavailable on most modern computers (especially laptops). To connect a serial-driven device to a computer that only has USB ports, users will need a USB-to-serial adapter along with a null serial cable. We recommend using the Keyspan brand USB to serial adapter. Also, if the serial cable is not a Null cable, it will not work. 

These instructions will guide you through setting up the USB-to-Serial Keyspan Adapter and then in adding your setup into the LXi program. 

Step 1: Download Driver

  • You must install a driver for the adapter before you can successfully use it. The driver will be on a disk that comes with the Keyspan adapter. You can also Click here to download the driver for the Keyspan (USA-19HS) adapter.
    • Click "SOFTWARE, FIRMWARE & DRIVERS" found in the in the left column.
    • Select and download the driver compatible with your operating system.
  • Save the file somewhere to your computer that you can find it or select open.
  • Then extract the files to a new folder and run the driver installer. (The files must be extracted before the driver can be installed.)

Step 2: Check Device Manager

Keyspan Pic 2
  • Connect the adapter to the computer after the driver has been installed.
  • Then open Device Manager.
    • In Windows 8, move your mouse to the bottom left corner of your screen and right-click. Select Device Manager from the expanded window.
    • If using Windows 7, click the Start button and select Control Panel. Find Device Manager in the list and click to open it.
  • With the driver installed and the adapter plugged into the computer, there should be a Ports options listed in Device Manager.
  • Click the arrow next to Ports to see the COM number. Now that you know what port to select you're ready to add your setup into the Production Manager.

Step 3: Setup in Production Manager

  • Open Production Manager, select Setup and choose Add Setup.Keyspan Pic 3
  • Select Vinyl Express for the Manufacturer and the Model of your cutter. Then click Next.
    • Click the drop down arrow for how your cutter is connected to the computer and select the same COM port number that you found in Device Manager and click Finish.
    • You'll now see your "setup" on the left hand side of the Production Manager.
    • You should also see this setup in the top left corner of the Cut/Plot window. If you do not though, close and reopen the Cut/Plot window.
You have now accomplished setting up your USB-to-Serial Keyspan Adapter and are ready to send to the cutter. (Note: If the adapter shows up in Device Manager on a port number higher than any available option in production manager, cancel the setup, close the program, and try again after restarting the computer. If the port number is still to high, you may need to remap the port.)