Introducing the MUSE vinyl cutters

Every so often, a new product comes along that resets the landscape. It surprises, delights, and raises expectations. We are excited to announce that we have launched just such a product. It features a touch screen interface worthy of a smart-phone, and advanced technologies not found on cutters costing 4 times more. Some might call it disruptive. We call it the MUSE. It’s the newest line of vinyl cutters, exclusively from SIGNWarehouse. What make the MUSE different? What can you do with it? which one is right for you, and how much does it cost?

MUSE Vinyl Cutter Overview

The MUSE is a new line of vinyl cutters exclusively from SIGNWarehouse. The MUSE vinyl cutters are engineered for use in craft and hobby graphics, commercial sign production, custom auto applications, and more. The MUSE cutters expand the envelope for stepper-driven cutters with quiet, precise operation and astonishing versatility.

We offer the MUSE in three models ranging from a 15-inch desktop to a 60-inch workhorse. Cutting speed is in keeping with industry standards. Available cutting force is more than capable of handling all self-adhesive media used in the sign and graphics industry. The MUSE can also be used for scribe engraving and creasing with rigid and semi-rigid materials.

Each MUSE cutter comes with an automatic camera-based registration mark scanner for use with digital printers. The integration of the camera and touch-screen display enable real-time adjustment for precise, reliable contour-cutting.

Each MUSE vinyl cutter comes bundled with software, vinyl, and supplies. Depending on your choice of software, MUSE plotters can be used with both Windows and MAC computers. LXI  is compatible with Windows 8 & 10. Create Space is compatible with MAC OS.

Features, Benefits, Advantages

These are just some of the outstanding features that make the MUSE vinyl cutters so popular.

The MUSE scans and displays registration marks for contour-cutting
The MUSE comes pre-loaded with time-saving presets for popular vinyls.
  • Touch screen control panel. The MUSE presents its tools in a modern, interactive, touch-screen control panel. The panel is your contact point with the MUSE’s deep menu of smart features that allow you to control connectivity, basic cutter functions, cut quality, and advanced settings.
  • Three-tiered Settings Menu. The MUSE features are arranged in three settings menus. The layered menus allow you to quickly access and customize core functions to suit your preferences and working conditions.
  • WiFi connectivity: The MUSE offers two means of remote vinyl graphics production. You can send jobs from a USB thumb drive or you can connect wirelessly through your own network. The MUSE frees you to maximize your personal productivity in a modern workspace.
  • Speed & Force Presets: The MUSE can store and recall up to 8 preset combinations of speed and force. This makes it easier to switch from one kind of vinyl to another without having to manually set the cutting conditions each time. To make this feature even more helpful, we've pre-loaded settings for popular media like EnduraGLOSS and ORACAL 651 vinyl, Siser Easy Weed, and Logical Color WarmPeel Universal HTV.
  • Camera-based Contour Cutting. Perhaps one of the MUSE’s most appealing features is the automatic, camera-based, registration marks sensor. The MUSE works seamlessly with supported software to scan and display printed registration marks for precise contour-cutting. The display shows the camera operation in real time and allows for minute adjustment on-the-fly.
  • Segmented Registration Mark support. In addition to the interactive camera, all MUSE cutters support use of segmented registration marks. This feature allows you to accurately contour-cut around very large images or large batches of smaller images.
  • Speed and force: With a maximum cutting speed of 24inches/second, and up to 2,000 grams of cutting force, the MUSE means business. These are sign-making machines suitable for commercial signs, banners, heat transfer graphics, and more. The MUSE is tough enough to cut all industry-standard self-adhesive films, precise enough to cut window tint film, and versatile enough to scribe engrave acrylic sheeting and crease card stock.
  • Three languages. The MUSE is so smart, it speaks three languages. The extensive control panel and menus can be configured in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. As you can see, there's a lot to love about the MUSE. And the list of supported applications is almost as long as the features list!

MUSE Vinyl Cutter Applications

Popular applications for MUSE vinyl cutters vary depending on the size and model. Here are the most popular ways to use your MUSE.

MUSE M15 applications. Because it’s a compact, lightweight desktop cutter, the M15 is used primarily for small-format decal applications. These include vinyl decals for decorating mugs and tumblers, laptops, custom license plates, car window decals, Heat transfer graphics for t-shirts, children’s apparel, stencils for wood signs, and contour-cut printed decals on heat transfer vinyl, magnetic inkjet paper, and more.

MUSE M24 applications. The M24 does all that and more. Common applications for our best-selling MUSE vinyl cutter include commercial window & storefront signage, banners, yard signs, P.O.P. graphics, interior wall décor, league jerseys, custom vehicle graphics, reflective municipal signage, contour-cut decals, and full color t-shirt transfers.

MUSE M60 applications. In addition to all of the above, the M60’s large chassis makes it ideal for use with large-format digital printers for big, bold full-color decals. The segmented registration mark feature means large prints and big high-volume print and cut jobs can be processed accurately. The M60’s size and superior cutting power also support custom automotive applications such as  paint protection film, sandblast resist stencils for monument and dimensional signage, and reflective film for street and highway signs. The dual head tool carriage also supports creasing and cutting work for package prototyping.

MUSE Setup & Support

All MUSE vinyl cutters come with a one year warranty and complimentary Gold Support. The M15 and M24 come with 90 days of free Gold Support and the M60 comes with a full year of free Gold Support. Setup is easy thanks in part to a comprehensive video tutorial available on the SIGNWarehouse Product Support site. User manuals and Quick Start Guides are also available on the MUSE support resources page. The Setup Video is comprehensive and user-friendly. A Spanish language setup video will be available soon. User Manuals are currently available in English and Spanish. In other words, relax: we've got you covered.

MUSE Starter Bundle Prices

M15: As noted above, the MUSE M15 is a desktop model made primarily with crafters in mind. The M15 is ideal for personal use, and portable enough to use at kiosks, flea markets, and craft meetups. The M15 comes bundled with Create Space software for Mac & Windows. MUSE M15 package prices start at $699.00. *

M24: The best-selling MUSE M24 is perfectly sized for most commercial sign and garment applications. The 24-inch MUSE includes a scribe engraving tool for use on rigid materials like acrylic engraving blanks. It comes with a floor stand and can be purchased in starter bundles with either Create Space or LXI 19 software. The M24 can also be purchased in a 24-inch print and cut bundle with the PrismJET VJ24. MUSE M24 vinyl cutter starter bundles start at $899.00. *

M60: The M60 is the range topper. The MUSE M60 includes a creasing tool and floor stand, and comes bundled with LXI 19 sign software. It can also be purchased in a printer bundle with the PrismJET VJ54. M60 vinyl cutter starter bundles start at only $2,495.00. **

No matter which MUSE you choose, you’ll have a vinyl cutter that offers smart-phone levels of utility and layers upon layers of smart features. The MUSE raises the bar for versatility and performance and bridges the gap between crafty and hobby cutters and commercial vinyl cutters for sign and garment decoration work. Pick the one that best suits your needs and prepare to be amazed.

*Plus shipping.
**Plus $149 for LTL shipping.