Like all of our Endura brand sign supplies, EnduraMAG magnetic sheeting excels by offering brand name performance at the SIGNWarehouse price. Sign makers across the country love EnduraMAG sheeting because of its quality and value. Now our craft and hobby customers can enjoy the same excellent price and performance benefits with EnduraMAG CraftPRINT magnetic inkjet paper. EnduraMAG CraftPRINT is high quality, glossy magnetized paper that's easy to print and use. You can even print and cut magnetic decals on your desktop printer and Vinyl Express vinyl cutter. There are lots of fun and profitable ways to use CraftPRINT magnetic paper. Read on for information, instructions, tips, and ideas.

What is Magnetic Inkjet Paper?

Magnetic inkjet paper is top-coated for use with aqueous ink so it's suitable for all standard desktop inkjet printers. It's laminated to a thin magnetic sheet that gives it the flexibility of high-quality glossy inkjet paper. The paper is 6 mil thick (0.006") so it has the feel and performance of premium photo paper. EnduraMAG CraftPRINT has a high gloss surface that supports rich, saturated color and good detail. The backside is matte gray so it's easy to see how to load it properly in your desktop printer. And, like most magnetic sheeting products, it sticks to iron and other ferrous metals. Magnets don't adhere to non-ferrous metals like stainless steel, copper, brass, and zinc, and aluminum alloys. Common surfaces for magnetic paper are filing cabinets, refrigerators, metal storage cabinets, office door frames, etc.

CraftPRINT Magnetic Inkjet Paper Applications

Speaking of magnet-friendly surfaces, there are lots of applications for CraftPRINT magnetic paper. Magnetic inkjet paper can be used for both personal and commercial applications, for everything from business cards to eye-catching invitations. Here are a few ideas.  

Souvenirs Name tags Ad specialties Business cards Event marketing Crafty decorations Decorative bookmarks Motivational calendars Restaurant phone order menus Wedding and party invitations and more.

CraftPRINT Print and Cut Process Options

Using EnduraMAG CraftPRINT inkjet paper is easy. Here are the printing instruction and a few tips for finishing your prints.
  • Place the paper print side down in your Inkjet Printer. You may find that the paper feeds best loaded one sheet at a time.
  • Print your image from any graphic design application including Flexi or LXi. Use an appropriate setting for optimal print quality on heavy paper. Our samples were printed on an HP Office Jet 8100 using the glossy 180g brochure paper setting.
  • If you're printing multiple copies per sheet, you can trim the finished print with a 12" Guillotine Shear Cutter or a safety ruler and utility knife.

Since CraftPRINT inkjet paper is only 6 mil thick, you can also print, then contour cut it using the Contour Cut Mark feature in LXi or FlexiSign software. Thicker magnetic sheeting does not work in most vinyl cutters because it sticks to the metal in the platen. The pull strength of magnetic paper isn't sufficient to resist the movement of the grit rollers. Since this product doesn't have a release liner, you should use it with a Silhouette Cameo 12" x 24" cutting mat or similar item so that you cut through the paper without damaging the cutter's Teflon pad. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the LXi Contour Cut Mark feature, please click here for our Tech Support blog tutorial.

Here's a quick summary.

  • Design your image on an 8.5" x 11" workspace leaving room for printed registration marks. Add a contour cut using the Contour Cut tool from the Effects menu.
  • Add Contour Cut Marks suitable for your vinyl cutter (Not all cutters have this feature).
  • Make sure there is 4" of space on the 8.5" x 11" workspace above the upper registration marks. This gives your cutter room to maneuver around them while scanning the marks.
Fig 1: Place the CraftPRINT sheet on a cutting pad and position the blade over the front right registration mark
  • Print to your desktop printer at 100%. Place the image in the center of the page and do not resize it.
  • Place your pretty new CraftPRINT sheet on the Silhouette cutting mat and load it as a sheet or 'piece' in your vinyl cutter.
  • For best results, use a 60° plotter blade. Extend the blade tip and test it by hand to make sure you have enough of the cutting tip exposed to cut through the CraftPRINT sheet.
  • Set your cutter for about 210 grams of force. If you're using a Qe6000, a setting of 22 should work. Perform and weed a test cut to make sure you're cutting all the way through the sheet.
  • Position the blade over the lower right registration mark and set that as the origin (Fig 1).
  • From LXi, use the Cut/Contour command to send the cut path to the plotter.
  • The cutter will scan the marks and cut around the printed image according to the contour path you added in LXi.
  • Lift your nifty magnetic decal from the cutting mat, do the CraftPRINT happy dance and make another one.

Craft PRINT Prices

Of course, you don't have to make fancy contour-cut magnetic decals in order to have fun or make money with EnduraMAG CraftPRINT sheets. And speaking of making money, we did say something earlier about value. You'll be happy to know that you can buy a ten-pack of these glossy, high-quality sheets of magnetic inkjet paper for only $9.95. A pack of 25 sheets is yours for only $24.95 plus shipping. EnduraMAG CraftPRINT magnetic inkjet paper offers outstanding print quality and a bunch of pleasant and profitable applications from personal to professional. Contour-cut it, slice it, or just print on it and slap it on the nearest metal surface.