Here's a recent question from a customer we received via email: "I was wondering how similar PrismJET 234 WallTEX is to PhotoTex? We currently print on PhotoTex, but PhotoTex is quite expensive..." PrismJET® 234 WallTEX™ and PhotoTex® are very similar. Both are polyester based adhesive backed fabrics with removable and repositionable adhesives. Both make excellent repositionable wall graphics that can be applied in and around corners, but there are a few important differences.

  • Versatility on Wall Surfaces - The PhotoTex manufacturer's specification is for " any (non-porous) flat surface". WallTEX can be applied to wide variety of surfaces including porous, non-porous, and textured walls. So we believe you will have better success selling wall graphics with WallTEX than PhotoTex®. It just plain sticks to more surfaces!
  • Print Quality - WallTEX has a better white point than PhotoTex. Generally, the higher the white point, the more vivid digitally printed images will be. WallTEX, therefore, has a better potential image quality than PhotoTex®. This is somewhat dependent on the use of the proper ICC Profile. We have a custom high quality profile for WallTEX™ developed in house by our tech support staff that, when used with a Mutoh ValueJet or PrismJET ecosolvent printers. These profiles yield sharp detail and vivid, yet photorealistic color. This profile is available online in our Tech Support Blog. Just download the SignWarehouse Custom Profiles, which you can find by clicking here. You'll raster and vector profiles for 234 WallTex in the zipped folder. Images just look better on WallTEX!
  • Print & Cut Quality - WallTEX™ is more suitable for print and cut applications because it produces cleaner edges. PhotoTex® tends to fray more then contour cut. Finally, our manufacturer reports that dealers who have tested 234 WallTEX against the PhotoTex and a 3rd film from Korea independently evaluated the WallTEX as superior due to better adhesion, color brilliance, and ease of application.
  • Indoor or Outdoor? - The only advantage in using PhotoTex is that it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor graphics. WallTEX is not warranted for exterior (outdoor) use. But it also costs less than Photo Tex, which most people like. Since most wall graphics are used indoors, the advantage goes to is to WallTEX.
  • I'm confident that if you try WallTEX, you'll be very happy with the results. I'll have a printed sample sent to you so you can see how easy it is to apply and reposition. Here's a link to our blog post introducing PrismJET® 234 WallTEX™. Click here for PrismJET 234 WallTEX product data sheet.

    PrismJET® is a registered trademark of SignWarehouse Inc. WallTEX™ is a trademark of SignWarehouse Inc. PhotoTex® is a registered trademark of Sang Young Lee (INDIVIDUAL), REPUBLIC OF KOREA 38, Jookjung-Ri, Chungtong-Myun Yungchun-Si REPUBLIC OF KOREA 770-892