Media and Newspapers
5 Ways to get more local press for your sign making business.

Local press coverage and support is essential for any small sign business. A positive newspaper article, or a mention on a local news station can do wonders for driving community support for your sign shop. So how can you make your business more appealing to local media outlets? What can you do to get your sign shop noticed? Check out these 5 tips:
  1. Put yourself out there. When big industry conferences and events come up, be there. If the city is putting on a small business showcase, a fair, or any other event that you can be involved in, try and do it. You'll find the more well known your face and business is, the easier it will be to get press coverage.
  2. Show that you are a community player. Do you live in the city where your shop is set-up? Do your kids attend school there? Making this a human interest piece adds a new dimension that the media loves to use to connect with their readers. Make sure it is well known that you are a part of the community.
  3. Give back. Charity is not about the recognition, however if you can figure out an inventive way to support charitable causes, the media will surely take note. Obviously, you want to give out of the goodness of your heart, and not the attention it brings you - the public can tell what your motives are.
  4. Offer a new product or service. If you can bring something to your sign shop that the town has never seen, the press will generate itself. Reporting on new and exciting things is good for the press, so make your business new and exciting.
  5. Have a special sale, such as a sidewalk sale. If you business is out on the street doing something fun and exciting, it will give the newspaper something to talk about.
So, don't just sit there! Get active. Get the word out about your little sign shop and all the great things its doing through the use of local press outlets.