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Low cost media exposure can help your sign shop in four ways.

In order to increase visibility and ultimately earn more sales sign business owners should constantly be looking for ways to get their small business more exposure in the media. Although the marketing budget is usually quite limited, there are plenty of budget friendly options that can work wonders for your business. While the expense of getting your business more media exposure may have you hesitating, consider these four reasons as to why your business needs more media exposure.
  1. More business awareness. While your sign shop may be the best one around, if no one is aware you exist you'll never get any business! Increasing media exposure means more eyes will be on your business, and greatly increases the chance that when someone needs a sign service they will think of you. Ways to increase awareness for your small business include getting exposure on local news channels and their web-sites, as well as forming your own online presence through blogging and social media.
  2. More opportunities to network. As your small business gets known in the community, it will be easier for you to connect with other business owners who might be in need of your skills, or might be able to refer your sign shop to other business owners. You also gain the opportunity to network more with the media, perhaps dealing with specific people in the local media, and in turn increasing awareness and network-ability even more.
  3. A more credible business. Depending on the size of your town and business you may find yourself faced with competition from other companies that offer the same services as your sign shop. When your business receives ample coverage from the media, you place yourself in a position to draw customers in quicker and easier than your competition. As your business becomes more credible through media exposure and positive reviews from satisfied customers, sales and referrals are both bound to increase as well.
  4. Potential lead generation. A business that is visible, connected and credible is one that generates leads and sales with ease. As your sign shop becomes more well known in the community, the potential for new customers grows, more prospects show interest, and the possibility for converting them into paying customers increases.

So, while your budget for marketing may be quite limited, it is important to try and get your business coverage in even the most basic of local media outlets. As your business grows, so will your budget, and the cycle of quality advertising and increased sales will start to take shape. What ways have you found to get more media exposure?