Every sign maker should strive to have great customer service, but what does that really mean? While you may be trying to do everything right, it is the customer who actually decides whether your sign shop service is great or not, which is why it is important to not get so wrapped up in the details of business that you forget to make sure you are filling your customer’s needs.

What does every customer need from you? There are two things.

  1. They need a solution to their problems. While they may not view it as a problem, if your customer has a need to be filled or a project at hand they have a variety of tasks that you will likely be able to help them with. Or at least they hope you will be able to help them with…
  2. Your customer wants to feel good. You may think that you are just providing them with a service or a product, and while that may be partially true, making people feel good while filling their business’ needs will keep them coming back for more.

To provide your customers with a solution to their problems you have to make sure you really listen to what they want. Sometimes you may find that their idea can be better made into a reality by using a different method than the one they are suggesting. Being able to provide your clients with a wide variety of solutions to their problems makes you a much more valuable resource. Providing tailored solutions to customer’s problems is also a way to make them feel good.

Other things you can do to show that you truly care about your customers are asking questions, listening to their responses, and showing in the way that you answer that you have heard what they are saying. Follow through by providing the service that they need in a professional way, on time and to their exact specifications. This ensures that they won’t feel any regret over their decision of using your company.

Having great customer service means making each customer feel like they are your only customer. Providing service custom-made for them and making them feel good about you and their interactions with you is a great way to start a long term relationship. Pretty soon you will find yourself being referred to as a company with great customer service, the kind of tag-line every business wants.