1. Learn more about your sign customer. Find out what motivates them; find out what they are after. When you know what they are looking for, you know how to present your signs in a way that clearly shows it meets their needs. Ask questions and really listen to how your customer answers them.

2. Talk up your product. Rather than letting the sales pitch do all the talking, try and focus on the benefits of your signs. Use sign industry studies that show that signs are an investment... they make money for the business owner. The sales presentation will have all the specific details, so talk about the broader benefits, and make it conversational, rather than factual.

3. Practice makes perfect! Sounding well rehearsed doesn’t come off as cheesy; it shows the customer that you take what you do seriously. A practiced pitch comes off as confident and knowledgeable. Prepare your pitch by recording and playing it back to yourself. Be careful to not lose your natural, conversational manner as you practice.

4. Follow up. This tip cannot be stressed enough. So many of us try to avoid being pushy when sometimes all the customer needs is a little push! Pursue the sale with a phone call or an email shortly after the initial sales pitch.

5. Be patient. Sales are not often closed on the initial call. Take your time and work to convince the prospect to purchase your product. Many times sales need multiple attempts before they are actually completed. What are your tips for closing a sale? Share them in the comments section below.