Small sign businesses should always be looking for ways to advertise. Whether you are well known in your community or not, it is important that potential customers be reminded of the goods and services you provide. Does being on a tight budget mean that you can't advertise? No! In fact there are many ways in which a small business on a budget can do some powerful promotion, without spending more than a handful of pennies.

First off, if you are based out of an office, be a good neighbor and work with nearby businesses to advertise. You may hit the streets and share the sidewalk advertising with business right around you, or share mailing lists with businesses who sell complimentary goods.

Next, ask around for referrals. Go through your main contacts and ask if they know anyone who needs your services. Equip customers with the ability to advertise for you by providing them with your business card or other information. Referrals beget referrals, so make sure and start generating business through referrals today.

Another avenue that takes minimal cost may be advertising on a local cable TV station. Rates are generally reasonable and although local stations generally don't get too many viewers, there are still enough to make it count. Get out into the community and make yourself an expert on the matter. If people know your name from seeing articles you've written in the paper, or if they have taken a class you have taught at a community center, they are likely to remember you in the event that they need your services.

Finally, never pass up an opportunity to advertise. For example, if you need to send out invoices or other documents in the mail make sure and slip in some form of advertisement. This way you get out coupons, fliers, or newsletters into the hands of your customers without the cost of additional postage.

Sure, we're all on a budget, but that is no reason to skimp on the advertising. Looking for low-cost ways to promote your business increases revenue and opens up the opportunity for you to increase your advertising budget. Thrifty spending on advertising equates to larger profits and more clientele.