heater settings
Shows position of media heaters

 A good starting point on vinyl for the ValueJet printers are 38/42/50. That would be 38 pre heater, 42 platen heater, 50 dry heater.

  • Papers and some fabrics that tend to 'bleed' out can run as high as 50/50/50.
  • Thin plastics, coated media, styrenes and lightweight banners may 'cockle'/distort at normal temperatures and may need to be run at 35/38/50 or lower.
  • 3M IJ180 may benefit from a hot preheat 42, platen 30, dryer 50.

The key to solvent printing (even Eco-Solvent) is the evaporation of solvent and interaction with the media itself. Higher humidity slows down the evaporation of solvent requiring higher temperatures typically.

Inks may actually soften or attack some media surfaces and coatings and may require special temperatures or addition drying time (i.e. slower print speeds) for optimal performance. Therefore you may need to tweak some of these settings.