Roland VersaStudio BN2 Support

Roland DGA VersaStudio BN2-20 printer-cutter

Welcome to the SIGNWarehouse Roland DGA VersaStudio BN2 support page.

Here you will find all the essential resources for setting up and using your new BN2-20 or BN2-20A VersaStudio printer-cutter. Below you will find links to all of Roland DGA's support resources, including the comprehensive setup and installation videos and manuals, and contact information for Roland DGA and SIGNWarehouse Product Support.

The easiest way to get started with your new BN2-20 or BN2-20A is to watch Roland's excellent step-by step videos. But, for those who prefer reading, or who already have a BN2 series printer, the manuals are linked below as well.

Start with these resources to optimize your VersaStudio startup experience. If, at any point, you get stuck you can reach out to Roland DGA or SIGNWarehouse product support using the links and contact information below.

Roland BN2-20, BN2-20A Setup & Installation Videos

Roland BN2 Series Setup Video screen capture

Start Here. Click the Link below to access Roland's BN2 Series Setup & Installation Videos. Work through the video tutorials as you setup your printer. This will ensure that everything is done correctly from opening the box to installing software and initial ink fills. ROLAND BN2 SERIES SETUP VIDEOS


Roland BN2-20, BN2-20A Setup & User Manuals

Refer to the following manuals to assist in initial setup and installation, regular maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Roland BN2-20/BN2-20A Installation and Initial Settings Guide

Roland BN2-20/BN2-20A Machine Installation Guide

Roland BN2-20/BN2-20A User Manual

Roland BN2-20/BN2-20A Recommended Maintenance Guide


 How to Get Help

SIGNWarehouse and Roland DGA are here to support you in your VersaStudio experience. If you need setup assistance with your BN2-20 or BN2-20A, please use the links below to reach out and get support.

ROLAND SUPPORT HOME  Phone: 1-800-542-2307

SIGNWarehouse Product Support

We know you will enjoy using your Roland VersaStudio BN2 Series printer and cutter, and we thank you for being a SIGNWarehouse customer!