Vinyl Express Q Series Gen3 Setup Video

Click the thumbnail below to begin viewing the Q Series Gen3 setup video. The setup video will guide you through stand assembly, basic setup of tools and blades, software installation, basic control panel functions, and advanced features designed to optimize cut quality, tracking, and contour-cutting.

If you're looking for other support resources, including user manuals, drivers, or software tutorials, you're one click away. You'll find all that on our Q Series Gen3 Support Resources page.

The videos below lead to the individual segments. To jump to a particular topic, just scroll to the desired video. Refer to the bullet point list of topics so you can see what's covered in each segment.

Segment One: Stand Assembly
  • Assembling the Floor Stand
  • Mounting the Vinyl Cutter
  • Media Catch Basket

Segment Two: Getting Familiar
  • Power and Media Ports
  • How to Set Pinch Rollers

Segment 3: Navigating the Control Panel
  • Control Panel Buttons
  • Control Panel Menus

Segment 4: Blade Assembly
  • Inserting Blades in Blade Holder

Segment 5: Adjusting the Blade Length
  • Setting Proper Blade Length
  • Control Panel Blade Adjustment
  • Performing Test Cuts

Segment 6: Mounting the Blade Holder
  • Installing Blade Holder in Tool Carriage
  • Tool Carriage Options

Segment 7: Moving the Tool Head
  • Using the Control Panel to Move the Tool Carriage
  • How to Adjust Cutting Speed
  • Setting an Origin Point

Segment 8: Stopping the Cutter
  • How to Pause a Cut Job
  • How to Abort a Cut Job
  • Setting an Origin Point

Segment 9: Managing Cutting Settings
  • How to Change Cutter Speed,Force, Tool Settings
  • How to Test Cutter Settings

Segment 10: Configuring the Cutting Conditions
  • How to Optimize Cutting Conditions for Various Films
  • How to Save and Recall Cutting Conditions

Segment 11: Loading Roll Media
  • How to Load Rolls of Vinyl
  • How to Optimize Tracking

Segment 12: Loading Sheets
  • How to Load Sheets of Vinyl

Segment 13: Software Installation
  • Downloading & Installing LXI 19
  • Q Series Driver Installation

Segment 14: Connecting the Cutter to a PC
  • Q Series Driver Setup
  • Cutter Connection Options
  • First Cut Job

Segment 15: Print and Cut Basics
  • How to Add Registration Marks
  • How to Manage Contour-Cut Settings in LXI RIP Design

Segment 16: Print and Cut: Knockout Decals
  • Blade & Tool Carriage Settings for 'Perf Cut' Decals
  • Control Panel Settings

Segment 17: Print and Cut: Segmented Marks
  • When to Use Segmented Registration Marks
  • LXI Software settings

Segment 18: Cutting Thick Media
  • Blade and Blade-Holder Options
  • Control Panel Configuration for Sandblast Stencil & Other Thick Films
  • How Tangential Mode Works

Segment 19: Cutting Intricate Graphics
  • How Tangential Mode Works
  • Control Panel Configuration for Intricate Graphics

Segment 20: Better Tracking through Data Sorting
  • Benefit of Data Sorting
  • Control Panel Configuration

Segment 21: Better Tracking through Pre-Feeding Vinyl
  • Benefit of Pre-Feeding
  • Control Panel Settings for Pre-Feeding
  • Control Panel Auto Pre-Feed Option

Segment 22: Better Tracking through Paneling
  • Tracking Benefits of Paneling
  • Control Panel Settings for Paneling

Segment 23: Using the Copy Function
  • Control Panel Copy Button
  • Control Panel Copy Options

Segment 24: Using the Cross-Cut Function
  • Crosscut Preparation
  • Control Panel Crosscut Function

Segment 25: Cutting from a USB Thumb Drive
  • Secondary USB Port
  • LXI Setup for USB Drive Cutting