PrismJET VJ64 Support and Setup User Manual

You'll find all the information you need for setting up your new PrismJET VJ64 in the MUTOH 1604 user manual. The PrismJET VJ64 Support user manual covers the following topics:

  • Unpacking and stand assembly
  • Installing ink cartridges
  • Loading roll media
  • Initial nozzle check

Click here to download the setup user manual. For a helpful setup video that covers printer registration and software setup, please click here to view the VJ54 setup video.

Media Take-up System

One of the standard features on the new PrismJET VJ64 eco-solvent printer is the dual motor media take-up system. A lot of large format printers are sold without a media take-up system. But, because it's used for such large images, the dual motor VJ64 media take-up system is a must-have.

Why do you need a motorized media take-up system with your large format printer?

  • The short answer is abrasion.
  • The longer answer: For short jobs like printed yard signs, the take-up system isn't necessary. But for large graphics or long print runs of multiple images, a media take-up system is essential.
    1. It keeps your prints off the floor, which means they stay clean and pristine. Even if your shop floor is regularly swept, letting the vinyl or banner media drag on the shop floor can generate static charges that attract dust, carpet fibers and other particles. Needles to say, these have no place on your freshly printed signs and banners.
    2. Stray dust and dirt particles can scratch your prints or get trapped under overlaminate film, resulting in time and money-wasting reprints.

Download instructions for installing and using the PrismJet VJ64 Media Take-Up system.