Remove the stand parts from the smaller of two boxes. Use setup guide (found in the larger box) to confirm receipt of all parts and hardware. Assemble stand by attaching legs to cross bar, and add stabilizer. Attach the book holder and waste fluid tank holder. Place printer on stand and secure with provided bolts. Place waste fluid tank inside holder. Remove all safety packing.

Software Install

The PrismJET VJ-54 can be controlled through Flexi or LXi software. We are demonstrating setting up the printer to respond to LXi Rip version 12. So, the appearance of certain icons and graphics may be different than the version of software you are using. However, the principles and basic process should be the same. Both LXi and Flexi are cloud-based software and must be downloaded from www.saicloud.com. Create your SAi cloud account using the activation code received when purchasing your software. Once the account is created, activate and download your software. You will have to accept the license agreement. Use the activation code again to license your software.


Go to www.mutoh.com. Under the menu category titled “Support”; click “Printer Registration”; and then, click “Register” to create an account. Once every field is completed, click “Registration”. Follow the prompts and click to “Agree” with terms. Then, click “Registration” once again. Once registration is complete, you should receive an email which includes your printer’s activation code.


Have cleaning and ink cartridges on-hand. Plug the power cable into the wall and printer. Then, power-on the VJ-54. Use the control panel arrows to enter the activation code (received via email). Follow the control panel prompts to start the cleaning and ink charge. After inking the printer, add media.


Use the provided Ethernet cable to connect the computer to printer. Set the IP Address and Subnet Mask on the printer, computer, and within the software. The IP Address should match on the printer and within the software, but the computer's IP Address should be different by one digit. Test the communication within the software.

Control Panel

Get familiar with basic control panel functions such as nozzle check (hold LEFT arrow); basic cleaning (hold RIGHT arrow); advance media forward (hold DOWN arrow); draw media back (hold UP arrow); cut media (hold ENTER); IP Address (Set 23); Pallet (Test Print), and Cleanings (Menu 3)

Profiles and First Print

Download profiles from SignWarehouse's Technical Site. Extract the files from the zipped folder onto the computer's desktop or into a designated folder. Change the default job properties in Production Manager by clicking the Color Management tab. Then, add all newly downloaded output profiles. For the first print, choose a profile that corresponds with the media being used. Open the SAi Color Tester file within the program folder, and send the first print job.


Menu to CR Maintenance (Set 20) to perform daily maintenance including wiping outer edge of print head, wiper, and cap top with lint-free maintenance swabs. Monitor and empty waste ink tank as needed.