This video series focuses on setup of your new PrismJET VJ-24 Printer and should be used in tandem with maintenance videos found on the SignWarehouse  technical site. There are a number of variables that could affect the setup process. Contact SignWarehouse or chat with us for assistance or with any questions. 

NOTE: There have been a few changes to the bundled software and our support landscape since this video was produced. Please refer to the document linked below for updates on installing the bundled MSM* software, and downloading ICC profiles. The supplement also includes links to recommended maintenance guidelines and the User Manual.

VJ24 Setup Resources Supplement
*Mutoh Status Monitor. Formerly known as VSM - ValueJet Status Monitor



Video 1- Intro (:59)

Video 2- Software Download (4:50)

The PrismJET VJ-24 can be controlled through Flexi or LXi software. We are demonstrating setting up the printer to respond to LXi Rip version 12. So, the appearance of certain icons and graphics may be different than the version of software you are using. However, the principles and basic process should be the same. Both LXi and Flexi are cloud-based software and must be downloaded from Create your SAi cloud account using the activation code received when purchasing your software. Once the account is created, activate and download your software. You will have to accept the license agreement. Use the activation code again to license your software.

Video 3- Mutoh Registration (1:48)

Go to Under the menu category titled “Support”; click “Printer Registration”; and then, click “Register” to create an account. Once every field is completed, click “Registration”. Follow the prompts and click to “Agree” with terms and click “Registration” once again. Once registration is complete, you should receive an email which includes your printer’s activation code.

Video 4- Printer Setup (3:34)

You will find a startup guide inside the box with the printer. Use the guide for instructions in un-boxing the printer, taking inventory of parts, and assembling the stand. Use two or more people to place the printer on the assembled stand (Do not try lifting the printer alone). Follow the startup guide closely, and pay especially close attention to instructions concerning the voltage selector.

Video 5- ValueJet Finder (2:50)

Use the accessory CD to install ValueJet Finder. Be sure to choose ValueJET628 as your reference model. Click through the various prompts that advance the setup and eventually search for and set an IP address. Write down the IP address in case you need it later.

Video 6- Virtual Status Monitor (3:45)

Follow the Startup Wizard to install the printer driver. Specify the printer, confirm setup, and advance through prompts until you reach the VSM installation. Choose Automatic Proxy when configuring the VSM settings. You will then be directed to login to ValueJET Club to register the printer with the VSM. Finally, you will be prompted to activate the VSM.

Video 7- Initial Ink Charge (3:15)

Have cleaning and ink cartridges nearby. Make sure the waste ink tank is empty. Install cleaning cartridges to flush out the system. Empty the waste ink tank once the cleaning fluid is discharged. Lightly shake and install ink cartridges. Wait until notified that the ink charge is complete before setting the media.

Video 8- Nozzle Check and Printer Setup in LXi (2:24)

Continue to advance through the startup wizard to print a nozzle check. When finished, examine whether the nozzle check is evenly bold across the width of the print without missing or broken lines that would suggest clogged or misdirected nozzles. Continue through the Startup Wizard if the nozzle check looks good. If there are signs of clogged nozzles, you will need to perform another cleaning. If the nozzles check doesn’t appear clogged, but does seem out of focus or incorrect, this may be corrected with a media feed adjustment. After completing the adjustment, close the startup wizard and open LXi Rip. Choose VJ-24 as the color printer you wish to add. Submit the IP address that you wrote down earlier (Video 5).

Video 9- Profile Installation and First Print (2:15)

Download the VJ-24 Color Profiles from SignWarehouse’s Technical Site. Then add and apply the profiles in the Color Management section of LXi Rip. After applying the profiles, send a test print by clicking “Add a Job”. Look for the SAi_Color_Tester file found in the “Samples” folder within the SignWarehouse program folder. Click “Send”.