Download print-friendly Start Up Guide

These instructions will guide you through proper setup of your new 54 Inch printer setup for the PrismJET VJ-54 or Mutoh ValueJET VJ 1324X printer and should be used in tandem with recommended maintenance instruction from SignWarehouse’s technical site or from Mutoh America. There are a number of variables that could affect the setup process. Call SignWarehouse at 800-966-1783 for additional technical assistance.
Un-Boxing and Assembly

Use the illustrations and instructions below for un-boxing the printer and taking inventory of parts.

Un-boxing: Carry the box to where you will unpack it. Remove the bands. Open the box and take out all of the components shown below.

Printer Box
Stand Box
Accessory Bag
Waste Fluid Tank Box

Once all parts are accounted for, follow the instructions and illustrations for assembling the stand and placing the printer. Use two or more people to place the printer on the assembled stand (Do not try lifting the printer alone).


1. Attach the right support to the canister. Fasten two hexagon socket head cap screws with the enclosed hexagonal wrench. Repeat process to the left side (leg) of the printer.
2. Attach the central beam and four hexagon socket head cap screws to the stand’s left and right sides (legs). Fasten the hexagon socket head cap screws with the enclosed hexagonal wrench , and fasten the central beam.
3. Use 4 Hexagon socket head cap screws to attach the Stabilizer to the right and left sides of the stand. Tighten the Hexagon socket head cap screws using the Hexagonal wrench.
4. Attach the waste fluid tank holder to the upper right side of the stand and the book holder to the lower right side of the stand.


5. Use two or more people to place the printer on the assembled stand (Do not try lifting the printer alone).
6. Place the product on the stand so that the rear rubber leg tips fit into the holes on the stand.
Software Download
The PrismJET VJ-54 can be controlled through Flexi or LXi Rip software. Both LXi Rip and Flexi are cloud-based programs and must be downloaded from Create your SAi cloud account using the activation code received when purchasing your software. Once the account is created, activate and download your software. You will have to accept the license agreement. Use the activation code again to license your software.
Mutoh Registration
Go to Under the menu category titled “Support”; click “Printer Registration”; and then, click “Register” to create an account. Choose United States as country, VJ-1324XS as product name, and complete the rest of the fields*. Click “Registration.” Follow the prompts and click to “Agree” with terms. Then click “Registration” once again. Once registration is complete, you should receive an email which includes your printer’s activation code. *Note: Serial number can be found on the back of the printer or on the box. Turn on the Printer, it will indicate Registration Required. Press the ENTER Button to enter the Registration Code and press ENTER. Once the registration code has been entered, the printer will require you to re-boot it by turning the printer off and then on again.
Head Wash & Ink-Fill
Once you re-start the printer, it will prompt you to insert the cleaning cartridges. Once the cleaning cartridges are installed, the initial head wash will begin. This usually takes 5-10 minutes. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After the head wash has completed, the printer’s control panel display will direct you to insert the Ink cartridges. Follow the instruction prompts when doing so.
Installing Media
  1. Install rolled media onto steel rod scroller so that fixed flange is to the left and movable flange is to the roll’s right side when roll feeds from over the top.
  2. Set the scroller onto the scroll receiver with the fixed flange side facing the ink cartridge slots.
Setup IP Address
To establish communication between your computer and printer, change both to have similar but not identical IP addresses. Instructions vary when using a router. Learn more at
Profile Installation and First Print

Download the VJ-54 Profiles from SignWarehouse’s Technical Site. Then, add and apply the profiles in the Color Management section of LXi Rip or Flexi Sign. After applying the profiles, send a test print by clicking “Add a Job”. Look for the SAi_Color_Tester file found in the “Samples” folder within the SignWarehouse program folder. Click “Send”. That concludes setup instructions.

Download the complete PrismJet VJ-54 (ValueJet1324) manual.