The instructions for setting your MUTOH or PrismJET printer's IP address are included in the PrismJET VJ54 setup video. For your convenience, we've posted an excerpt from that video here. Just view the segment below and follow the instructions to connect your large format MUTOH or PrismJET printer to your PC via ethernet. These instructions work for the MUTOH 1204/PrismJET VJ48, MUTOH 1324/1324X/PrismJET VJ54, and MUTOH 1600 series/PrismJET VJ64 printers.

Printer Set Up

These instructions are intended for PC-to-Printer direct connection. Click here if you are setting up your printer through a router. The video above addresses direct connection and communication through a router.

By default, the IP address of the printer will be:

  • IP:
  • Subnet Mask:

WARNING : If you have an existing network these settings might be incorrect. Please contact your IT department to supply you with an IP address.

If your current Network Interface Card is being used for your Internet, install a second network card in your PC (about 20 dollars) and use this card to operate your printer outside of your ‘real’ network.

To change the IP Address on the Printer:

  1. From the Ready to Print menu: Hit MENU.
  2. Push the Right Arrow on the setup screen.
    • The screen will read MEDIA TYPE.
  3. Press the Up Arrow to scroll up.
    • Scroll up until you can select IP Address.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Use the directional arrows to Change the IP Address to
    • L/R to choose section; U/D to change number
  6. Press Enter to save the changes.
  7. Hit Cancel to escape.
  8. Press the Down arrow.
    • Scroll down until you can select Subnet Mask
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Use the directional arrows to Change the Subnet Mask to:
  11. Press Enter to save the changes.
  12. Hit Cancel to escape.
  13. Press the Down Arrow.
    • Scroll down until you can select Gateway.
  14. Press Enter.
  15. Use the directional arrows to Change the Gateway to
  16. Press Enter to save the changes.
  17. Hit Cancel repeatedly until the display shows "Ready to Print"


  1. Open Production Manager
  2. Go to Setup/Add Setup
  3. Pick Mutoh as manufacturer
  4. Pick the model VJ-(Valuejet).
  5. Click Next then Next again
  6. Change port to TCP/IP
  7. Enter the printer's IP address in the blanks .
  8. Click the Test Connection button. If the Test result is Connected, click OK and continue to Production Manager.
  9. If the test result encourages you to consult your network administrator, you have a mismatched IP address setting. Review the steps in the VJ54 setup video referenced above.