Why Spend Time Doing Printer Preventative Maintenance?

Running a successful printing business takes more than just owning the right equipment and supplies and having a lot of customers. It's also about properly using and maintaining your equipment, even when you don't have a job running. You will find that doing regular preventative maintenance can extend the life of your printer, saving you thousands in repair or replacement costs. 

Daily Printer Preventative Maintenance - A Must

SignWarehouse recommends that at the end of the printing day, the the wiper should be cleaned using a lint-free cloth saturated with cleaning solvent. 

If you print a lot of banners, you also need to check for fibers/ink at the print head on a daily basis. 

Mutoh Daily Maintenance_pic1


Weekly Printer Preventative Maintenance Maintenance

Whew! You've reached the end of the week. Time to relax and not think about printing. But wait! There's one more recommended step before you shut down for the weekend.

At the end of the printing week it is a good idea to clean the nozzle area of the print head assembly. But be cautious not to touch the nozzles directly, and always use a well-saturated, lint-free swab. DO NOT TOUCH or SWAB the bottom of the print head!.


You have invested a lot of time and money to get your business running and to by the equipment needed for long-term grown and income. Don't sabotage your work by not doing printer preventative maintenance. It's worth the few extra minutes to save those many extra dollars in replacement or repairs.