You may have noticed some changes with MUTOH Graphtec plotter printers. They have started selling their XpertJet Series. The new XpertJet models build on MUTOH’s tradition of ground-breaking innovation and award-winning print quality. The XpertJet innovations include advances in media handling, quality control and efficiency. The XpertJet era started with two eco-solvent printers, the 1641SR and the 1682SR. The next XpertJet Series printers to come to market are the 461UF and 661UF. These printers are UV-LED flatbed printers that replace the 426UF and 626UF. The new XpertJet UV-LED printers offer exciting new features including ADA signage support and patent-pending Dynamic Dimming Technology that allows you to print varnish with different levels of gloss in one pass.

MUTOH’s engineering approach encompasses the entire product from top to bottom. To support the improvements in the XpertJet printers, the ink was also enhanced. The XpertJET UV-LED printers will use MUTOHs new UH21 UV-curable ink. The new ink is replacing the original LUH1 formula. This means all MUTOH UV-LED printers in service will need a firmware update to be compatible with the new UH21 inks. It’s not difficult, but it is essential. Here’s how and why to manage a MUTOH UV-LED printer firmware update.

How and Why to Update your UV Printer’s Firmware

First, let’s talk about the why you need a printer firmware update. What happens if you don’t update your firmware? Without the update, your printer won’t recognize the smart cards on the new ink cartridges. You may find yourself stuck in the middle of a print job with a new, full ink cartridge you can’t use.

Now let’s talk about the How. Updating the firmware is easy. You simply download the firmware file, open the MSA or MSM application, and run the program. That’s the short & simple summary. Step by step instructions are below.

Updating the Firmware

The first step is to download the new firmware. Use the links below to download the update. For your convenience, these files are zipped with the MSA, so once you download it, you’ll need to extract the files. Save the firmware update file (VJ426UF_V111.jfl or VJ626UF_V108.jfl) to your desktop or a folder in which you can easily find it.

Click here to download the zipped folder for the 426UF.
Click here to download the zipped folder for the 626UF.

The two ways to update the firmware are through the MUTOH Service Assistant (MSA), or the MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM). In our experience, the MSM is much easier and more reliable. The MSA requires you to put the printer into Board Manager Mode, and sometimes fails to find and connect with the printer. We will provide instructions for both, but we strongly recommend using the MSM. It's faster, simpler, and more reliable. If you don’t have the MSM installed on your PC, you will of course have to download and install it before you can update your firmware.

Updating Firmware with the MUTOH Status Monitor

As noted above, the MSM is the easier way to update your firmware. If you have the VSM installed, you can use it as well. The MSM is simply the updated version of the ValueJet Status Monitor. It was renamed to prepare for the addition of the new XpertJet printers. We’ve found that the MSM also has better communication with installed devices so there’s less lag between prompts and commands as data flows back and forth between hardware and software. Please refer to the slide show below for illustrations.

  • If necessary, click here to download and install the Mutoh Status Monitor.
  • Open the MSM. Click on the 426UF or 626UF in the printer window to select it.
  • From the menu on the left, select Firmware Update (FIG 1).
  • Find and select the newly downloaded firmware file. Another screen will pop up saying that it will check your firmware file (FIG 2).
  • Select Update to begin updating the firmware (FIG 2).
  • Do not turn off your printer until the process is complete.
  • The MSM will confirm that the firmware has been updated and prompt you to reboot the printer.
  • Reboot the printer. All done!

    Updating Firmware with the MUTOH Service Assistant

    • Click here to download the MSA. (Updated: V5101) Save the compressed folder and extract it to install the program ( please refer to the slideshow below for illustrations of the MSA process).
    • In order to run the MSA, the printer needs to be changed to Board Manager Mode (this step is accomplished for you if you opt to use the MSM instead).
      • Turn off your printer. while the machine is turned off, press and hold the “left arrow” key and push the power button one time
      • Continue holding the left arrow key until “board manager mode” is displayed on the screen, then release the left arrow key.
      • The printer is now in Board Manager Mode.
    • Open the MSA (FIG 1). The MUTOH Service Assistant will search for the printer. It will search for the factory default IP address, If this is not your IP address for the printer, it will error out (FIG 5).
      • To change the IP address, select “No” on the error window. When this screen pops up, select SetUp, enter your printer’s correct IP address and click “Okay”.
    • Another window will pop up. Select “Yes”. Now the screen will display your connected printer.
    • Select Main F/W Update (.jfl). Find and open the firmware file that you downloaded earlier (FIG 2).
    • The MSA will prompt “If you are sure?" (FIG 3). Select “Okay”. You’ll get one more window saying that your firmware will be updated.
    • Your printer will start doing some different things and maybe flashing. This is normal. Don’t turn off the printer or close your MSA. Once it’s finished, your printer will beep three times and display, “XXXXXXX bytes received”.
    • You can now turn off your printer and let it reboot with the new firmware. You will get a confirmation of the successful message saying that your printer is updated (FIG 7).

      Ink Cartridge Updates

      MUTOH is updating its inventory of LUH1 UV curable inks one color at a time. As the supply of LUH1 ink is exhausted, that color is replaced by UH21. Now all colors have been updated to the UH21 configuration. Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out your old cartridges. Once your firmware is updated, you can use both LUH1 and UH21 cartridges. Since all MUTOH ink cartridges have a two-year shelf life, you should use all of your LUH1 carts first, then switch to the new UH21 ink.